Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Cancer Cannot Do...

I made this card for my sister and brother in law. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. I searched to find the right words to say, and there just are none. Please pray for them.
I asked on the Gingerwood board for opinions about which type of card would be better-- thinking of you or praying for you? Several ladies told me that this poem gave then comfort and strength. Jo emailed this to me. I was also given the names of two websites that have this poem on a stamp. Verses Rubber Stamps.com and Catholic Rubber Stamps. ( Same poem, different fonts) I may order it, but I wanted to hurry and get this card done so I just computer generated the words.

Everyday chit chat:
I could use a little boredom right now. That's what my Mom's Attitude Sign says today.
We had the realtor's tour today, so the house had to be perfect. (Remember the cartoons where someone would knit while someone else is unknitting the same item from the other end. That's what it's like trying to keep the house clean with this bunch.) I'm so tired, I could go to bed right now, but we have a 5th grade band concert tonight. My ink cartridges came for my printer from Dell so I can finish the graduation invitation/announcements I started printing last week. I had the Stampin Up party with my Michigan friends last night, (here) and we made the best cards. I took pictures of the friends and the step by step of one card, but I still have to take pictures of the actual finished cards. I'll put it in tomorrow's post. Until then, I think I'll get a power nap to hold me ov..... zzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

They will be in my prayers! I love that stamp I've seen it before but haven't bought it yet. I was thinking of putting it on a box that could hold all the cards my father received while he was going through chemo and radiation.
Great job! I love the corner's!

marciad said...

A wonderful card. Hope and pray all goes well for your family.