Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stampin Up Workshop

ETA: You are seeing it correctly, the walls in my kitchen are purple, or lavendar to be exact.

Having a Stampin' Up workshop with my friends was on my list of Things to do before leaving MI.

This is Jayne in the green, the best Stampin Up rep in Michigan.(Do you like how I got around that one Staci, my best friend who is also a magnificent SU rep)
When Jayne and I decided on a date for the workshop months ago, of course my calendar was clear for May. This past week has been crazy, but it was good to sit down and enjoy my wacky friends in the mist of the selling-the-house chaos.

Ann (black and flower shirt) is the one I met on the Gingerwood board. If you haven't heard the Axe Murderer story, just click on it to read it. Shari is sitting next to Ann. She was the unsuspecting friend from the story.

This is the first card we made. What you see in white ink was embossed. We used the spiral punch. I really like feel of the SU grograin ribbon better than what I have from Wal-mart. I need to compare prices to see if it is a good deal also. I just may begin to replenish my collection with SU ribbon.

The Second card we made was a double slider card. I'm linking you to SplitCoastStampers for more examples and and a tutorial if you are interesed in making one. Instead of punched out circles they use in the tutorial, we used shiny pennies.
I'm going to use this as my Graduation card idea for this year. I may attach one of those coin envelopes to it to hold a gift card or a check.


Trish D said...

I love the color of your kitchen! I've been dying to paint ours a "deeper" tone, but it's small and completely contained (no windows) so I'm afraid mine won't be that purty any time soon...

And yes, SU grosgrain really is nice stuff. And based on prices around here, it's actually cheaper than Wal-Mart yard for yard.

Allison said...

Super the double slider!

marciad said...

Interesting what you all did with the spiral punch. I'm always up for inspiration.

Sharon in NE said...

Wait a second, that is the EXACT color of my kitchen...are you saying that its unusual or strange? oh?....well, then...good. Who wants to be normal?

Love the cards. Love your blog!

Joyfulheartart said...

Actually, it is not strange but special. We should have a purple kitchen club for special people like us!!