Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Floral Photo Thank You Cards and more..

Edited at the bottom:

on the Martha stuff. After thinking about it, maybe the prices aren't that much different. I bought those dimensional stickers for $4.99. The sheet measured approximately 6 x 9. The Jolee's stickers of this type average around $3.99 and those sheets are half this size.

The sticker used on this card is one of the Martha Stewart stickers I bought last night. I colored it using a paint brush and ink from and SU Barely Banana reinker mixed water. I darkened the center of the flower with ink from a Brilliance Coffee Bean reinker. Of course I mixed more wash than I needed to color the flower so I painted the excess on off white cardstock and used it as the background. The photo was taken of the flowers sent to me/us by the coworkers at my husband's job. This is the thank you card I'm sending to them.

I also have cards made from the flowers my local friends sent to me, but since they read this blog, I'll wait on showing you the pictures until they get their cards.

ETA: Here is a link to Martha Stewart line online. Martha Stewart Crafts
I realize that opinions and taste will differ. I like the stuff. If nobody else likes it and it doesn't sell, I'll go and buy everything on clearance! LOL! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I love your daisy card! The idea of painting the sticker never would have occurred to me. I really like that you used up the paint on the card too - clever!! I found your blog somehow via Gingerwood message board - and promptly bookmarked it. You have one of the best blogs! Ann in IL

Trish D said...

I *LOVE* this card - I like the way you've cropped the photo, and the painted background is wonderful!

Sharon in NE said...

Let me see if I have this right: you made a beautiful thank you card utilizing an artsy picture which you took of the gift you are thanking them for? Oh should be giving Martha lessons. Incredible.

Joyfulheartart said...

Thanks!! I'm flattered! You should see the IPOD card I made last year after my sister bought one for my daughter's graduation gift!