Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I {heart} Martha Stewart!

I rewarded myself with a half hour at Michaels tonight. After I endured a trip to the mall with the know-it-all teenagers, I browsed in peace while they stayed in the car.
Martha does everything with style. What ever you think about her personality, you know anything with her name on it will be classy. I was impressed at the presence and elegance of the display. You can't miss it, and it grabs your attention as if you know what you are about to see is something important. Initially, because of the prices I didn't feel the need to immediately start a collection. Instead, I took it all in and allowed my creative wheels to churn. I could see purchasing several items for a specific project. (Who am I kidding, doesn't it always start off like that??) So while I was there, I decided to get these dimensional stickers, because they are perfect for the the cards I am currently working on. They will be much better than the flowers I was going to use. I love punches and there were 3 or 4 that I could have bought, but since I couldn't decide on one, I decided not to decide today. Mind make up, I left Martha and went to the clearance isle where I spotted an Arnold Grummer Paper Mill Complete paper making kit. Several years ago I used to demo and teach classes on paper making with this set at Michaels. Mucho fun, but not $70 fun. Today, I got it for $19.00!!

Next stop Krispie Kreme. It has been a Krispie Kreme kind of day. I'm on medicine that makes me anxious (that's the nice word for it) I'm on day 8 of 12 and tapering off so I 'm looking forward to being myself in about a week. I've been nurse all day to my daughter who is recovering from the wisdom teeth extraction thing, and did I mention that I had to take the other two teens to the mall?? So the stop at Krispie Kreme took a long time. The "motley crew" that was there seemed to be doing things other than waiting on customers. On a positive note, during my wait, only a half block from Michaels, I decided on I needed two of those punches and remembered that I had enough money to get them tonight! Of course it would make more sense to go back now since I was only a half block away than to come all the way back tomorrow.
This is what came home with me. The brick piped nylon ribbon, because I don't have a ribbon that color (shock) and hydrangea piped nylon because it was purple (enough said).
One last opinion, I liked the trendy colors. I hope they keep the design line small and design all new stuff with new colors frequently. Now that I am thinking about it, I went to the smaller of the two Michaels near me. I may have to pop into the big one to see if there is a bigger selection. I wonder if they would let me take pictures?
Good night and go to Michaels tomorrow and see for yourself!


KardKrazy said...

Jacki, I love to see what people buy -- and why. I am just amazed that with the size of your family you find time to even create and/or shop at all!!

Joyfulheartart said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. LOL,it much harder to find time to clean the bathrooms and do laundry.

Staci M. said...

Your photos of this stuff are really excellent!! That Jacki Jones is as classy a gal as Martha Stewart! Plus, I hear she's just a gem to meet in person, too, with a truly joy-filled heart!