Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Programs, Note Cards, and Thank You Cards

Busy day, but I'm done! I designed and printed 100 programs, 30 thank you notes and 30 personalized note cards.

Program front(left), back( right), and inside( top).

I made 30 Thank You cards and then decided to make 30 more personal note cards in case she runs out.

I made note cards in 4 different colors.


Staci M. said...

Such a big job and nicely done! Question: How did you print them to look like gold on your printer? That's what it looks like to me - antique gold color.

Joyfulheartart said...

it's the mustardy gold color you can choose in more colors on the computer/printer.
I think my sister is going to like them. She trusts me...tee hee.

Lisa said...

Oh wow, these are so great!!!