Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You're my 'mane' man...

Talk about down to the wire! I posted this just before the weekly 10:00 pm deadline on Hambo's Challenge Blog. I didn't participate last week because I wasn't home with all my card making stuff. I went to GA to take my daughter to visit her friends while she was on Spring Break. 
This week's challenge is to make a masculine card (check) using LION (check) and one of the coordinating sentiments(check), AND also have stripes somewhere in your design (check).

My class is over (yay!) and I made an A in the class (yay!).... I'm taking a little break because we have a lot of things happening this spring. My niece is having a big anniversary party/wedding reception that I have to travel for. My daughter is graduating from college in GA in May. Big big deals... Not that I look old enough for either of these milestones to be happening in my life! (shhh let me have my delusions, it's all I have left. )
I'm still purging and unpacking. Now that school is over, I can concentrate on that. I've made some big decisions concerning my my card making/ scrapbooking and general craft stuff  and purging... Get ready for an even bigger sale than I had last summer. I have less space this time and I realized that I had a lot of stuff crammed in that room that I never use because it's inaccessible. Sooooo ... I'm getting rid of most of the wood mounted stamps and a bunch of the unmounted stamps. Yup. I just said that aloud, so it just be true. I'm going to post this stuff here first, then a big yard sale. Whew. Who needs 38 paper trays anyway? 

Anyway, if you want to see my (former) room click here for part one and here for part two, or to see pictures of my various rooms over the years as we've moved around go to this album on my Flickr account. If you see something you've been looking for and can't find it anywhere, give me a shout. I just might make you a deal. 
Well... I'm going to shut up now. I didn't sleep too well last night and my bed is calling me... I'm hoping to post more frequently now that taking a break from school. So as always, choosing joy! Jacki Marie. 


Cora said...

I really loke how you cut the sentiment out. I would nbot have thought of that

Judy Rozema said...

Love how you colored his mane! Great layout too! Hope you get some sleep and congrats on the A!! So glad you could play along at the Hoedown this week!

Joy said...

cute cute! thanks for playing with Hambo! Joy DT