Monday, November 15, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 15 ~ Music

I wanted to say so much more about LOVE in yesterday's post, just like today.  There is so much to say about music and I'm afraid to minimize it by not saying enough or bore you to tears by saying too much...
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I LOVE all kinds of music. I can listen to almost every genre. I do have my favorites. So I've decided to just talk about one aspect of music. Music as a message carrier... You've heard that music can sooth a savage beast... I'm not only talking about the music itself, but the message that it carries. I can't explain to you how many days my spirits have been lifted just by playing music with the right message and the right beat. Reason to Dance  from BeBe and CeCe's Still CD.
I've been conscientiously using music in this way for most of my life and I was tickled to know that someone took the time to do a study on this subject. Several years ago I read an article about a study had been done on how to utilize music/songs to alter your mood. You start by playing music that corresponds with your mood and gradually change it to more uplifting and upbeat songs. For instance, if your boyfriend breaks up with you, play that sad "I'll never fall in love again" song and wallow for the 5 minutes while it plays. Then play something hopeful or at least empowering like this one. Carrie Underwood's The More Boys I Meet. Seriously, that song cracks me up. Especially the chorus. Eventually you'll be skipping out the door with a renewed hope in love and life.

I didn't mean to talk so long today. This is mid-terms week and I have twice as much school work to do...

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Still choosing joy! Be blessed today! Jacki 

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seamom said...

Music. Me too! I love most all kinds of music, and have danced around a good bit, but my most very favorite music is the hymns of our faith. My Mom played on the piano all the hymns from her Methodist Hymnal. She had joined my Dad in the Episcopal church when they married, but hung on to her favorite hymns. We would sing along from time to time, my Dad, too. Great memories.
When God orchestrated a move for my own family from CT to IN in 1971, He plunked us down next door to a Methodist Church! We lived there for 19 years. All our kids have wonderful memories of that church and the lessons they learned... and the hymns we all sang.