Sunday, September 12, 2010

It is what it is...

day1of 30 of my photo a day project
It's been raining today, all day. It's been cloudy more than not since I've been here.  I used to say that something is always falling out of the sky here and honestly in the three years that we lived here before, that was a true statement. And even when nothing was falling from the sky, it was cloudy a lot. On the other hand, when the sun comes out, it's gorgeous! Especially in the summer time. Sunny and breezy without the humidity that we enjoy down in GA. I laugh inside when my Michigan friends complain about the humidity here as much as a laugh inside when my Georgia friends complain about 40 degrees being cold.
That's one of those good/bad things. Altough the sometimes lack of sun seems like it's a bad thing it's really a good thing. It's a good thing because I'm supposed to avoid sun exposure because of my skin condition. It's pretty hard to do in GA, but not so bad in MI. Can you tell I'm trying to hard to have a good attitude and not complain?

So as you can tell, we are in MI --some of us anyway.
The boys needed to start school on Tuesday, so I drove them here over the weekend.  One bright spot in all that driving by myself is that I got to see my sister in Ohio. Actually I don't mind driving at all. I could probably be a long distance truck driver. What I do mind is the yip/yapping and complaining that can come from the back seat.  I did what any self respecting mom would do... I invested in new ear bud/headphones. Not for me, because that would be dangerous, silly.  I bought each of them a new set.  Letting them stay up as long as they wanted the night before we set out was also helpful, because they slept most of the way.

After getting them to school on Tuesday, I had a very productive day.  I went and made appointments at the Dr's office, the Dentist's office, transfered a prescription at the drug store, opened a PO Box, went to the mall and had a ring sized at my old jeweler,  checked in with my hair stylist, visited my favorite coffee shop, and drove to a friend's house. I did all this before I had lunch!
The boys had a great first day at school.  Going back to somewhere you've already lived has its benefits. The boys reconnected with people they knew from before. It was a good day.

The rest of the week was less productive but restful. There's not much to do when you're stuck in a hotel. One day was spent with Laundry, my ever present and faithful companion. I spent another day napping, and I even colored one day. Tomorrow, I'm going to the work out room.  I promise.  There I've said it on my blog so I have to do it. :)

I took pictures so that my daughter could see where I am. We've got a nice little set up.  The kitchen area is perfect for coloring.  These people can eat somewhere else, don't you think?
In these pictures you can see my two new empty tool caddies that I purchased for my rather large color pencil collection.  One of the first rules of organization is grouping like items together. I couldn't do that with my former system because I had some tall pencils and some short.  With these caddies, I can store them all in the same place. I can't wait to set up my new coloring area in my new room-- whenever that will be.

We also had a birthday celebration this week.  He's already asked for a do-over when we can get the rest of the family together and we have the tools to make his favorite cookie cake. This is the first cookie recipe that I've used that also makes an awesome cookie cake. It's a yearly tradition for us. We have three birthdays in 6 days and no matter how much you enjoy cake, it's just hard to have three of them in that short a time span. After my daughter was born 21 years ago, my birthday cake of choice is of the cheese cake variety.  He always chooses the cookie cake and she changes it up for variety.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I think I'm finally going to bed.  I'm going to put the finishing touches on my birthday post for The Card Castle so I'll see you over there in the next day or so.

Choose joy, or go and find it if you don't see it as an option. :) Jacki Marie.

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seamom said...

I have never known another woman who enjoys driving so much that she thinks being a long distance truck driver would have been an enjoyable career! Yea! (BTW: I have 5 kids too...)
All that analysis and planning has paid off it sounds like. Lots of responsibility for Mom... How great that you have a perfect place to color. God bless you, Jacki.