Sunday, August 22, 2010

Notes on the subject of moving...

I really intended this to be a blow by blow diary of what's it's like to relocate.  I laugh sometimes when a friend will comment on this process and how I handle it. "Like a pro" one friend says. Others say," I don't know how you do it!" The truth is I don't know how we did it either. When I look back, all I can say is each day each situation was handled with an extreme amount of prayer and strength from God, a lot of organization.
This time, there are a lot of emotions hanging out with me that are very personal. I'm not really interested in sharing them in a public forum like this. Just know that I totally believe that God is with us, and continues to give us his immeasurable strength. He continues to answer prayers when we pray. When we don't trust Him, I believe he allows us to feel the consequences of our actions so that we will trust Him again.
I said all that to say, that this isn't going to be a blow by blow after all, but rather it will hit on some of the highlights.  One of these days, we'll talk about the rest, ok?
Today is Sunday, August 22. This is the week we actually move. The packers will be here packing up all our stuff at the end of the week. Before they arrive, I have a lot of organizing to do. They pack everything in the room they find it in so I have to make sure everything is in place before they arrive. We might find something that we know belongs somewhere else and stop wrapping and go and take it there. no... they see it and pack it.  For this reason, we need to have everything that is going with us and not into storage totally separate.  I think I'm going to designate one of the boys rooms for that purpose. We are moving to a townhouse temporarily because we haven't yet found a house and school starts after Labor Day. If I follow my own advice, I have a lot to do in The Card Castle before they arrive.

I started this blog post in the middle of the night. I don't really know why I couldn't sleep, because I was exhausted earlier, and now somehow blogging has made me sleepy.  More when the sun comes up...

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