Friday, July 16, 2010

Belated Birthday

As I was sorting stamps the other day, I was reminded of the many belated birthday stamps I have. I've talked about how I oftentimes make a card for someone's birthday well before the date, but then never write in it and mail it? I'm not sure what the cause of that is, but I'm hoping with a lot less clutter, and a lot of determination, I'll be able to improve this year.  I love sending and receiving cards, always have.
I've decided that I need to make up a few belated cards too-- since I have so many stamps of that nature.

Here is one made with a couple Hambo stamps-- from the last release I think. The message is in two parts and the inside says "I didn't want to talk with my mouth full."

I'm going to post some more pictures of my room later today or maybe tomorrow. So far, and this is without sorting through the paper, I have 14 flat rate boxes full of card making supplies and 16 boxes full of stamps ready to be sold.  There are a few other things that I'm going to sell individually like a couple of paper trimmers, embossing powders, travel containers and bags... It was all in there and for the most part, organized-- but overwhelming. Just too much stuff that I will not ever use.
I took a break from cleaning this morning, but now I must get back to work. Either that or I'll take my girls out for a little while. :)

My sister sent me this clip in an email this morning and it is so inspiring that I thought I would share it.
It is the Valedictorian from Booker T. Washington's 2010  graduating class.   You will be inspired too.
Be blessed today. For those of you who today means the end of your work week, Happy Friday to you!


Monica Hunter said...

Great card Jacki! I might as well ONLY make belated cards -- those seem to be the only ones I ever need. Sigh...

Have a great weekend!

Jacki Marie said...

I know the feeling Monica. I should plan to send this to you... (I know your b'day is in a month, which means you'll get it in September.)

seamom said...

VERY cute card, Jacki!
I watched the clip your sister sent. WOW! What a remarkable young man. And all that scholarship help. God must surely have a bright future for him.