Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Even more Roses...

I think I'm finished with this rose after this. A couple more were colored, but this is the last of the cards made with it before school started.

Speaking of school, when I mentioned it before, Staci wanted to know what I'm studying? Right now all I know is I'm interested in Web Design and Graphic Design.  Both are Associates Degree Programs.  I already have an Associates Degree so we are trying to see if I can get a Bachelor's degree in Technical Management or something similar.  I'm going to enroll in the program that accepts the greatest number of my credits from before so that I will spend the least amount of time killing myself in school now. Whichever Bachelors degree program I'm in, my concentration will be in Web Design.

I'm in week 2 of and 8 week term and I can't wait until it's over! :)
The headaches are no better except when I'm asleep, so the medicine has got to go.  I told you before, I don't do well with medicines. I don't know why I let these doctors talk me into it.  If you think about me, pray for these headaches to go away. I'll take a miracle, or whatever way He wants to rid me of them. :)

My singing daughter is at it again this week. The Spring Musical is underway at her school. I must admit, I'm a bit sad because she's going to graduating and this is her last musical as a high school student. I'm really proud of her. Really really proud.
Last night was parent's night for the musical and I tried to just watch and not film it.  I couldn't resist getting a little bit of footage of her singing one of her solos with my camera.  I'll have my video camera and ahem.. tripod for the performances.  I'll post some video if my camera makes nice with the computer.  It's one of the weird technology things.  Sometimes it recognizes the video camera and sometimes it doesn't.  In the meantime, here is a preview.
Next time, I'll actually film her two friends who are beautifully singing with her. There are dancers on the stage too.

Back to do a little more reading before I go to bed...
Once I get through this week. I'm going to take a day and have some coloring therapy! I NEED it. :)


seamom said...

Your daughter has a beautiful voice and is so poised as she performs. I hope technology is cooperative... I'd love to see more video of her.
You're on my prayer list.

arlena said...

Your daughter (doppleganger) has a beautiful, soulful voice. I wanted to listen to her again and again, like an old favorite.

arlena b

Dana said...

Shut up!!! Your baby can sing!!!