Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Mail Box

My mailbox has seen some beauty over the past few months.  I think it's about time I shared them with you! I'll start with the last one first. 

This first card came to me from Barbara Walker. This photo doesn't do this gorgeous card justice.  I tried to photograph it several different ways, but my lack of photography skills I couldn't really capture the shimmer.  Come to think of it, I need to find out what she used to make it sparkle.

ETA: Shimmer Spritz...  it's on her blog. :)

The second one was made by Melody Beland a Gingerwood/Facebook buddy.  I had to laugh when she said "I hope you like it".  Purple. AND. Tulips? How could I not like it. LOL!!!  I LOVE IT!!! 

The next  is one of my favorite kinds of cards.  Simple and elegant. I met Lisa Carroll thru the Hero Arts Flickr group.  She is a great encourager and talented cardmaker. 

This Side Step card was sent to me by another Gingerwood/Facebook buddy, Loni.  I love her card and what can I say, I LOVE Loni.  She is another great encourager and very talented card maker. 

You wouldn't find it hard to believe that although this is a Christmas card, it is still on display.  This card was made by my buddy Staci and is tooo stinking cute to put away!!! 

I've said before that I've been so blessed to get to know some beautiful souls thru this blog.  I'm not sure if I'll be able blog anymore frequently than I am now once school starts.  I did tell you that I am now officially a student, didn't I? 

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stampmiser said...

Finally catching up on blogs, so I chose this post to comment on. Such nice cards here. ;)
OK, no, I didn't know you were a student. What'cha studying?
Lovely Easter photos. Sorry about the table/glass mess. :(
How's the throat/voice? I miss you!
This is a bunch of random stuff, huh?