Friday, February 19, 2010


Since the last time I posted, soooo much has happened.  --Including me getting the flu.  I don't even catch colds that often, and I can't remember having the flu since my daughter who is now a senior in hight school was a baby. I remember because we were sick together.  I've had lots of other ailments, but not the flu.  Ok, you got the picture.  Getting sick like this is rare for me, and I did NOTHING for 5 days but lay on the couch and sleep...well sleep and the other flu stuff... I'm really not used to doing nothing. Right now, I'm fine except I have NO VOICE...AT ALL!!!  I just want you to know that it is FRUSTRATING!!! I have so much to say. LOL....
At least I can "talk" to you.  I walked with my new neighbor today.  It was so frustrating not being able to talk, but she was nice enough to carry the conversation for the both of us. : )  I'm working on a card for her....  shhhh  don't tell her.  I finished one and then decided that I didn't like it so, I'm going to re-do it.  I've lost my coloring mojo.  I probably need to take a real break from it all. Or maybe just color what I'm in the mood to color.  Speaking of which, the weather is beautiful today so maybe I'll do some flower coloring. This will be the last of my "Manly" or "suitable for the fellas" cards for just long enough for me to get a flower fix.  

About this card...

I'm not even sure if this image is still available, but I purchased it from Biblical Impressions several years ago.  I really hate to use stuff  that is unavailable and show it online, so sorry about that. 
I did want to show you that this simple card works for me because of it's simplicity.  When the time comes for me to use it, I may add an embellishment or two... maybe a button especially if I decide to send it to a woman, or if the perfect manly embellishment appears on my desk. ... or maybe not.  Sometimes simple is exactly what is called for. 

Since I can't talk, I'm going to postpone a few things this weekend which means I'll get my prizes ready to mail. 

Oh, and my grandmother is doing well.  She's in re-hab and will be going home soon with a back brace. I'm not sure if I said on the blog, but they decided not to do surgery mainly because of her age. Although if you know my Grandma, you'd be convinced as I am that she is going to outlive all of us. 

I'm going to stop for now.  I'll update you on my exercising/weight-loss when I get that neighbor's card done and post it. 


purplestamper316 said...

Glad you're feeling better! You can just tell everyone you've *given up talking for Lent* :)

jacki jones said...

haha! Now there's an idea.

Krissy said...

hope you're feeling better! There's some nasty flu bugs going around and they seem to have moved into our house and taken up residency! I'm ready to evict the little buggers! I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Take it easy!