Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Basketball Jones

Hahaha... I like how I said BRB or be right back on my last post... and that was TWO weeks ago!

Today is The Boy's birthday. That's the good news. My first son entered this world 14 years ago in the wee hours of the morning. It was my most relaxing delivery (except for the excruciating pain... remember no drugs- totally natural) I actually had a nurse midwife ( with a doctor observing) for the delivery. Re
mind me to show you the scrapbook with the long version of the story when you stop over for a visit. Anyway, The Boy has been working hard all summer to earn enough money to buy an Xbox, and we are going to get it this afternoon.
I'm very proud of his work ethic. He has a good attitude and loves to earn money. I know he's going to be very successful at whatever he does in life because he is diligent. The bad news is ( you knew there was going to be bad news when I said "that's the good news, didn't you?) ... The bad news is, he hit his head in PE today and I had to go and pick him up from school. He's here at home now with a bad headache. I'm keeping a close eye on him but hopefully it's not worse than just that. He'll get a nap and maybe we can still go out to get his Xbox today. Did I mention that he was playing Football when he hit his head?? You know that very same sport he was playing last year this time when he was hit and had to go get stitches just under his eyebrow. This is my very athletic all-around sports guy, who can play anything. This mom is going to encourage him to stick to basketball where he seems to excel and not get injured quite so much. Although to be fair to Football,the sport I now abhor, if he were playing for real
and on a team, he'd have the proper gear which would include a helmet. This PE football stuff is dangerous.

So this explains the card. Basketball Boy is having a birthday today. Basketball is to MJ is like colored pencils is to Jacki. He really LOVES basketball.

This particular image was purchased from Mo's Digital Pencil. There's nothing like instant gratification. I saw it I loved it, I ordered it, and started coloring it--all within a half hour.

The Happy Birthday is from Del Rose Stamping... I'm not sure if that image is available anymore.

Happy Birthday to my "Baby Boy" which was his original name before he became "The Boy". I can say that here because he won't read this. LOL

Have a blessed day! And if you haven't already been to the Hero Club Blog today, you need to go and see some of my best work. I even impressed myself with this one. :) I did a coloring video tutorial on this pumpkin card. This whole week has been inspiring so far. I love the fall color schemes. I'm blessed to be counted amongst such talented people.

ETA: My daughter helped me edit the video. She has more experience and knows a lot more about it than I do. So, thanks Jillana for your sweet editing skills. And to my assistant, Melissa aka Lali Hyde. Thank for handing me stuff and letting me hand you stuff. You were magnificent. :)

Another update. The boy was feeling good enough to go and get his Xbox, so he's a happy camper right now.


Velda said...

Great video, Jacki! Looking forward to your DVD. Enjoy The Boy. He too will be in college before you know it. Velda

stampmiser said...

Well, Happy B-day to MJ! Great card - that digi image is just perfect, huh? I loved, loved, LOVED your video on Hero Arts' site. Congrats to you & Jillana! It was great! I couldn't hear much of your accent, though. You sounded different from when I usually talk to you! I was just thinking, I sure miss stamping/scrapping with you. It's been a while, huh?

jacki jones said...

Staci, which accent did you miss? My Philly accent or my southern accent? :)

Bernice said...

Welcome to Mo's Digital Pencil, Jacki. I love your work and I am so happy to find other AA cardmakers. I found your interview about ethnic scrapbooking which I am just starting. I'm a new cardmaker,but I love it and especially Mo's multicultural images. I'll be frequent visitor to your castle. I am also a big fan of our King too.

Best regards,
Bernice Fields
aka Minneapple

marciad said...

Happy birthday to MJ and to you, Mom. Love the basketball card.

Su Davis said...

This was great Jacki - so excited to see not only your card but a video too - can't wait to see more videos.