Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thanks for making me smile with Muffins

I am trying to figure out who stole my summer! Do you know what happened to it? I can't believe school starts tomorrow! It seems like they just got out. We had open house last night and for the first time in 16 years we didn't go to elementary school. My baby turned 11 yesterday and will start middle school tomorrow.

We were at the beach last week and had a wonderful and restful time. I have a few pictures that I need to upload soon. We were home one day before I drove my oldest daughter back to Michigan. I took two days to go up and Monday was one looooooong day coming back. I have never done as much driving in so short of a period as I've done this summer! If I don't get in the car again it will be too soon. :)

I made this card a few weeks ago. I haven't made many cards lately except for the cards that have been on Hero Club blog last week or was that the week before? I'm losing track of time. I'm way behind in everything. I'm looking forward to getting my routine back. Link

If your summer isn't over yet, I hope you enjoy what's left of it. Choosing joy! Jacki

Stamps: message (Stampin' Up), My Cuppa Joe (GinaK Designs)
Paper: Papertrey Ink
Colored with Prismacolor Pencils


seamom said...

Yea, Jackie! Cute card.... I sure am glad you are back. YOU ARE MISSED.

jacki jones said...

Thanks Mary!

Amy said...

wow! You guys start early! In MN, our kids (k-12) don't start until after Labor Day. We bring Eric to college for the very first time at the end of the month, whaaaaaa!!!!

jacki jones said...

We got out at the end of May, But we get a lot of holidays throughout the year. First year of college.... wow... My daughter starts her senior year this year and it seems like yesterday that we first moved her in.

Kimberly said...

Hey jacki!! I have been thinking about you and hoping that all was well :) Glad to hear that you have been busy and enjoying life. I agree, you start early-we go back the 24th and guess who is also now a full time!!! Yep, now that I am sending my youngest I can finish up so keep me in your prayers, it has been a long time since I hit the books :) Anyway, love you and hope to chat with you soon friend!!

Beverly said...

Hi Jacki,

Bianca is jealous that your crew started school today. I think that she is going to explode waiting for the 24th. (lol) What grade is MJ this year?

jacki jones said...

MJ is in 8th grade this year. She's ready to go back already???

Dana Joy said...

Jacki- I love this card. I'm coming over for some muffins. :-)