Friday, May 29, 2009

On a Personal Note...

How about a little story as a way of illustrating where I've been?

I grew up on a block in the city of Philadelphia loaded with children. There were 50 row houses and if I'm not mistaken, most of them had at least one child. We'd been together so long most of them felt like my brothers and sisters. We were one big happy family and like any typical family, there were some you were drawn to more than others. I also remember that we'd go thru phases with our play. A phase could last a week or a month. But when we were in it there was nothing else. I got hit in the head once during the stick ball phase. I learned to go around. That's where the 'pitcher' would throw the rubber ball against the step and the 'batter' would try to hit it with a stick, which was probably a broom handle. And I remember the football stage. My baby sister was the neighborhood quarterback. That would have made me proud if I had a clue what that really meant. I did understand that it was a good thing . The roller skating phase ended abruptly for me because of a rock and a cracked tooth.

One of my favorite phases occurred one spring after we finally had weather warm enough to go for a bike ride. Several of us had received brand new bikes for Christmas and we'd been dying for the spring thaw so that we could go riding. This was my first bike that didn't come with removable training wheels so I felt really grown up. We rode the neighborhood streets, wind blowing our ponytails looking out for each other and traffic. We had a blast. It was fun to ride around the neighborhood until someone came and told us about the bike trail in Jenkintown. Jenkintown was several miles outside of the city and the way we got there was by crossing a very large intersection and traveling down a busy Old York Road. I know you're probably thinking that our parents were crazy for letting us do that. Back in those days, as long as we showed our faces periodically, kids just played outside all day long. Believe me this was something we didn't get permission for. I'm pretty sure if we'd asked, permission would have been denied. Riding that bike trail was one of the highlights of my childhood.

Along with the joys of bike riding, there were the trials. Some of the bigger boys became experts at minor repairs. I remember watching them detect a pin-sized hole in an inner tube after refilling a tire several times. The hole was not visible to the naked eye, but squeezing on the inner tube in a bucket of water, it would quickly produce air bubbles and the hole could be patched. Before long we were back on our way breezing up and down the streets of West Oak Lane.

This is the process I feel like The Lord has taken me through over the last week or two. He revealed a problem that I wasn't aware I had. By taking me thru a trial, He identified something that needs fixing and He's working on me. I've mentioned before that I'm not disciplined and this is the area in which He is working (among others). I know He's preparing me for whatever the next step is for me. My Face Book friends may have noticed that I've been encouraging myself each day with songs and scriptures. That forum makes it possible for us to encourage each other relatively easily. The next time I get a good one, I'll add a short post to this blog if you'd like.

I'm sorry I've neglected you, my friends here, but I just haven't felt like chatting. I would appreciate your prayers. I would like to share a praise report with you. I'm not sure if I'd told you about the positive report I received during my last visit to the rheumatologist, but I have made noticeable improvements. When they say come back in 4 months instead of 4 weeks, that's a big deal. The dermatologist wanted to see me in three months so I’m making progress in that area. Thanks for your prayers. We are going to talk about removing or lightening the scar on my face soon. I'm really excited about that. And on another health note, I'm pretty sure I'm also dealing with menopause. I'd appreciate your insight and experience for those of you who've already "been there done that". Send me an email ok?

The LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 23 and 24.

The Other Boy is now officially in middle school and I have graduation pictures. Wohoo!!! I have one more graduation to go to and then summer! Be Blessed my friends.

To my beautiful friend who took the time to send me an email because she missed me here, Thank YOU!!! You just don't know how much that means...

I do have some cards to post in the very near future, and you better believe when I get it together, I'll be better than ever.

More graduation pictures >here<


Becky said...

All of us in Christ, are diamonds in the rough, on the potters wheel where the Potters hand is always shaping and molding through every imperfection until we are fashioned into the image of His Son. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I love your writings! I wish I was as good as realizing what God is doing in my life, because it's been hard looking for the light lately. It's not so easy for me. I am sooooo happy to hear the news about your health. Obviously, God is blessing you tenfold for your continued faith in his work.


stampmiser said...

Glad you are back! So, you have a slow leak, huh? :) Glad you know where to look for the patch! Hope things smooth out for you soon. I'm glad for your health successes. Yes, we have our 5th grade graduation stuff happening next week here. Exciting, frightening. This is my *first* foray into middle school, after all. Wishing you well today!

marciad said...

Missed you. The good health news is always welcome. Hope all else smooths out on your path.

Jayne S. said...

Hi Jackie!
I've missed seeing your blog posts, but things have been hectic enough around here that I hadn't realized how long it had been.

Please let me know when you're going to be in Michigan. I'd love to meet for lunch or stamping or whatever!