Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Julie's performance

My daughter, Julie has been involved in a spring musical at her high school. This is performance week. Tonight at Parent Teacher preview, I was hoping to get a recording of at least one of the three songs in which she had a lead. Prelude to a Kiss is the name of the song she sang tonight and the only one that I actually have an OK recording of.
During the first song, the batteries in the camera died. I don't worry about batteries, because I have two sets of backups. I just didn't think to check the level before the song started. (duh) This was the second song. On the third song, the memory card was full after only 1/3 of the song. Apparently the digital card I have only holds about 6 minutes of video. (I'm using my regular digital camera by the way. ) Thankfully they have a video recording service, so I'll get a pretty good video once I part with a few dollars. I'll order it during the first night of the actual performance.
In the mean time, I'm really amazed at her talent and comfort on the stage. If you've known this girl at anytime in her life ( until very recently apparently ) she has been my extremely shy child. She didn't even talk to her kindergarten teacher until halfway thru the school year. She's been very quiet ( except with us in the family) all her life.

So let me give you the link before I fall asleep, which is where I should be anyway. :)

Choosing joy, (and shopping for a digital video camera) Jacki


Becky said...

You must be a proud mother, she sings beautifully. How blessed..

Tara D. said...

Wow Jacki! You have a very talented daughter! I would so vote for her on American Idol! :-)

nise said...

Amazing! You need to put her on the next cd with you and Mr. Jones. Thanks for sharing, Jacki.

The Rubber Maid said...

What a wonderful treat to hear your Julie sing, I also think American Idol here she comes. TFS. Pat