Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

Are you ready for some good news?

Let's continue to pray for Christopher!
Good News! The MRI showed that Christopher's brain stem tumor is dying from the outside in. His Mother likened it to the leaves on the vines are now dead, the core is still there. Also some cysts in his brain are gone. There is now something that can be done medically and he's back on the 'chemo bus'! Mom is very blunt about the fact that she's been told that the tumor will most likely recur but it's anticipated that there's more time for Christopher to enjoy life! Thank you to all the prayer warriors! Katy
Nancy: Saw my son in my travels, and it's remarkable how much he has improved. At the rate he's going, we all hope he will be able to return to 'almost' normal life within the next year. He still has bad days, but they're not as bad as they once were, and most importantly, there are good days now. Absolutely no question, the prayers he's received from so many wonderful people have produced this recovery. Our thanks to you and your friends for prayers.
Catherine: Continue to pray for Ethan: We went to see another pediatric doctor in another province (luckily we have family in this other province to stay with), he came highly recommended. We took Ethan off his diet so this doctor could see how he is off his diet, so we took him off the diet a week before our appointment. He told us that Ethan is a very healthy boy, but that he is VERY concerned with what is going on with him. Wants us to go see a pediatric neurologist, to get an EEG done and a battery of other tests done...he wasn't going to say he had Autism or didn't until these results come back.
We also are having a hard time getting him into the elementary school with the aids/support team he needs... ty for your continuous prayers, they are greatly appreciated :)! Hugs,Catherine
Pray for son Jake. He's still having nightmares resulting from a traumatic experience. But they seem to be lessening and he is sleeping better. Please continue to pray that he is able to get the rest he needs. He got his senior art exhibit up and it was a good one! He even sold a few pieces:) He needs prayer to resolve two errors in recording a grade for a class he took last semester and for the correct number of convocations attended. He can't graduate w/o these two requirements which he has actually done, just record keeping gone wrong. We think he has a job lined up for after graduation. That is a huge praise for such a tight economy!

I would also like to ask for prayer for one of our second grade mothers, Lea. She was burned in a fire on Monday. She has burns on over 40% of her body, second and third degree. She has had three surgeries in the past two days. She is also going through an ugly divorce. Four sons at home. One of them was adopted from Haiti last year. He has already had so much hardship in his young life. He is the second grader. The seventh grade son found her on fire. Please pray for her healing, wisdom for the doctors, healing for this family, and for these two young sons.
Sarah: Karen went to a
migraine specialist this week. Karen has now officially been diagnosed with migraines. The doctor has prescribed a new medication to be taken in addition to the old medication, then the old will be taken away. Please pray the two medications will not have adverse affects, and that God will give us wisdom if we need to seek another opinion. We were not impressed with the doctor, although she gave us the "official" diagnosis we had been waiting for.

Kimberly: RJ's up date is good and bad. The bad news is he's lost a little weight which is huge for him as he needs all he can get. and the good new is he's doing good in school. RJ recently won the Priest Holmes Character of Champs award!!!

Me: Continue to pray for my healing. I've haven't started the new medicine yet, but I'm going to tonight. Please pray that it does what the doctor wants it to without crazy side effects.

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