Sunday, February 22, 2009


Isn't this cute? This was the third image I pulled out to make my hubby's Valentine. So now it's become and anytime card.

I won't be showing this to my kids, though. They'll probably come up with another 'pro' on their pro/con list as to why we should get that puppy in the pet store at the mall. The four of them tried to gang up on me and convince me to get another dog. They even named him. SJ (Sam Jr)., after our dog Sam. You know what?? He was cute. But they are absolutely insane if they think I'm bringing another dog in here for me to take care of. Sammy came home with a bag full of empty promises to take care of him without prompting. Don't misunderstand, they do take care of him, but by force. :) Sometimes I have to make them, and usually I have to remind them at the very least. And then there's the matter of them going to school everyday. When they leave, guess who is responsible for him? Sammy and I have a routine, he's my shadow during the day. I'm not as sure as they are that he needs or even wants company. Wow, that really went on a tangent didn't it?

Back to the cute card and away from the cute dog. The paper is Basic Grey(Granola with a little piece from Scarlett Letter), the main image is a Penny Black stamp and the message is Stampin' Up.

I hope your weekend continues to be filled with blessed moments. Choosing Joy!! Jacki


Anonymous said...

yeah, lani was telling me about sj. :) I want a puppy! but it looks like i'll have to wait until i'm old or something.

jacki jones said...

not old... just grown. Yesterday I talked to The Other Boy about his 11 year plan. (finish elementary school with good grades, finish middle and high school with good grades so you can get into a good college, finish college with good grades so you can get a good job. Rent a house or apartment and THEN get a puppy) You are way ahead. You only have a 5 year plan.