Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wish Me Well?

Wow, can you believe it's 2009 already! I don't think it really hit me until everybody went back to school last week. And then what a week I've had. I'm still sorting through a mountain of a 'to do' list. There's an art to separating the 'have to' from the 'want to' and the 'really want to', that I haven't mastered just yet. Besides sometimes being easily distracted, I'm artistic. I hear from a lot of artistic people that they think they are ADD( or know they are) I think it goes hand in hand. When I'm inspired, I drop everything so that I don't lose the inspiration.
And then there is the other problem that I face. When I get overwhelmed I shut down and play solitaire or something simliar, which by the way only makes matters worse! I set a personal record this year in that I am still taking down Christmas decorations. It's usually gone before New Years Day. The Boy loves to decorate, but will not take it down. I usually don't mind it, I've just been busy and tired this year so I am and have been in a state of taking the decorations down for a couple of days now. I really am going to finish today! I hope. I haven't forgotten about my prayer list either. I just haven't gotten it written up. Please if you are praying with me, continue to pray for those on the list. There are no new people to pray for, but there is one update that I know of. Continue to pray for all those on the lists over the last couple of months.

Want an example of how easily distracted I've been? I made a card yesterday, and went upstairs to get the camera to photograph it so that I could finally post to this blog and was distracted by several other things( who knows what?). By the time I remembered the camera, it was dark and I couldn't take the picture.

Anyway :) ... here is my simple card. I used a linen textured card stock and decided not to add anything to it. The Wishing Well and message are from Hambo's newest release. At least they are the most recent stamps I've purchased from them. Yes, I just checked they are brand new. The circles were cut with the Coluzzle because I haven't mastered the Nestabilities just yet. It's on my list of 'really want to do's'.

While I was at it I decided to stamp the envelope too. I just wanted the portion of the Wishing Well where the little bunny peeks out. I made a mask from a circle punch.

I'm determined to get a few more cards in the mail this week. I'm still working on Christmas thank you cards among others.

Sorry to post and run, but I've got to make some progress on that list of mine...

stay focused, Jacki!

P.S. Jillana's at it again! Thanks for checking out her Road Warrior story.


Inkerbelle said...

OMG Jacki, I am exactly the same! I start doing one thing and end up with something completely different. Plus, I also shut down when I get overwhelmed with stuff and rather than just starting on the tasks to get them done, I waste my time doing things that don't matter. As if I did not have a care in the world. Of course, that only makes things worse as time goes by and my list only gets longer.
So glad I am not the only one. Plus, I like your explanation of 'artistic people'. Don't think that really applies to me, but I'll run with it, LOL.
Love your card!!!

Monica Hunter said...

I love the "simplicity" of this Jacki, and as usual, you've colored it perfectly. Funny, I was just picking out the papers to put together my own "wishing you well" card -- though today is one of those "shut down, play solitaire" days for me. Maybe I'll get the motivation to finish it by week's end.

I also am better at decorating than UNdecorating, and still have one of my trees left up ... though I've told myself it's a "winter" tree and therefore can stay up a while longer. :)

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one who gets terribly distracted and seems to go nowhere some days!!! LOL!!! All in a day!!! LOVE your card -- fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki- oh, what was I gonna say?! Yeah, ha ha. I was just gonna 'admit' that one whole year I left my Christmas tree up and just changed the ornaments on it with the seasons! Hearts, Easter eggs, American flags..... It was a conversation piece!

Deb said...

O.k. Jackie, are we actually twins separated at birth or something?? I still have my tree AND all of its ornaments, etc. up. The other things are all down except for two wreaths and then there is the small tree in my guest bath...I can really relate on the feeling overwhelmed and shutting down part too! My game of choice is Cubis with the sound off. Teachers like some silence when they get home:) The really creative children are always placed in my classroom. Hmm, I wonder why?? You should see their desks!! oh well, have a great night!

Stacy said...

Jacki, I was diagnosed by a counselor (not a physician) with ADHD a few years ago, and I do just the same things ... start and don't finish, get easily distracted, shut down when I'm overwhelmed. So you're definitely not alone! (I see there are others who have reassured you of the same thing, too!) I used to beat myself up about it pretty badly, but I have to remind myself that God knows it's my brain, no just that I'm lazy or worthless or any number of other "tags" I was putting on myself. Anyway, it's true that a lot of artistic people are ADD/ADHD, too! So ... hey, we're just very creative people! I'll go with that, ay?

Love your card, BTW!

A Stroke Above said...

Me too. Love your blog. Mine got some kind of bug and blogger won't fix it so I am having "withdrawal". Your malady must be kin to my panic (anxiety) attacks. lol. I shut down too and kind of get spacey. I hate it but just have to wait until my new enviroment hopefully takes care of it. Hugs, Linda Crowder