Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Wish you a Merry Christmas!

I woke up to the sound of birds singing this morning and it reminded me of this song, which was then stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I texted this to several people today and I just want you to know that I hope you read my text if you got it because it took me a full half hour to type.... yeah I'm slow at texting...

Joy bells ringing, angels singing
All because a child was born.
Hearts were waiting, anticipating,
All because a child was born.
He brought love and laughter, and peace to all mankind.
And we celebrate Christmas morn,
All because a child was born.

These words are from one of my all time favorite Christmas songs All Because a Child Was Born sung by Cece on BeBe and CeCe's CD called This Christmas.

I can't help but rejoice at the celebration of Christmas, not only because of all that it means to me as a Christian, but because whether or not you celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, the celebration inspires kindness and giving and peace and joy in many many people. So on that note, I wish you joy today and always!

I'm just stopping in to share a few pictures from today and to wish you a very blessed day with your family and friends.

Look at what "Santa" brought for me! This is my one from me to me gift this year. I got a great deal on Amazon if you know anyone looking for these books. And if you're interested "Santa" got her yummy cheesecake variety tray last night.

Our very own guitar hero!

Barely out of the package and already playing...

Julie holding the gift she made for her sister.

Evidently this is thee gift for The Other Boy this year because he shouted "Jackpot!" complete with the old fist pump.

This is a super happy college girl!

When The Boy opened this he turned to me and said, I love you, mom!"

Somebody got his favorite trilogy for Christmas!

This is just to show you that I never finished decorating the mantle and it didn't hit me until last night that it was undone and by then I was too tired to care. We couldn't find the stocking hooks or the stockings we normally use, so the mantle decorating sorta stalled and got placed on the back burner and then evidently forgotten. I'll get it all together before our family arrives in two days.
Signing off to go and bake a birthday cake and dig up some pictures of my first baby who will celebrate 21 years of life tomorrow!


Sarosa said...

PLEASE tell me that you never did finish ... I don't think I have EVER finished my decorating before getting permanently distracted or just plain fizzling out...

jacki jones said...

Nope, never finished. Seems pointless now...