Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Singing Christmas Tree

I've got three short clips to show you today. I mentioned the other day that my church presents a Singing Christmas Tree program that has become an annual community event. The choir practices for months to get ready for this. This is a structure built in the form of a Christmas tree for a choir to stand on/in. It's complete with a light show that also performs during the songs.

This first one is so you can see that there really are people in this thing. The Choir did a couple of songs with the children's choir. ( I just viewed it online and you can't really see it because it's so small. Click on the link above for more pictures if you're interested)

The next one features a praise team. My husband is the one on the right. :)

The last is a little more exciting. And as you might guess, it's much much more spectacular in person.


Amy said...

Jacki, it's looks stunning! I wish I could have seen it. I posted a clip today too of my boys concert on Sunday...check it out. Hope all is wonderful with you. How can it not be when you get to experience God's glory like you did in the concert!


seamom said...

Jacki, thanks for the link. How awesome that must be to see in person.