Wednesday, December 10, 2008

additions to the prayer list...

Christopher : You might remember the little boy I posted a RAK request for the other day. It was going around the Internet that his last wish was to receive Christmas cards. That was NOT his wish and the family doesn't even know how that got started. It was wonderful that people sent cards, but the family was also harassed by strangers. That was the reason I took down that post. I've been in touch with a friend of the family and now I'm going to add Christopher to our prayer list. He is a little 6 year old boy very sick with Cancer. As you can imagine it is a very difficult time for his family. Please pray for him and also for his family and doctors as they strive to keep him as comfortable and as happy as possible. The family friend told me that "Christopher is having good days and bad days. He has physical challenges now, he needs help to walk, but he is very much alive and kicking." Christopher is going to get his 'real' wish granted by the Make a Wish people this week. Pray for Christopher, his family, especially the mother. As a mother myself I can't imagine what she's going through-- I'm tearing up just thinking about them. Our Heavenly Father knows, doesn't He? I'll update as they let me know what is going on.

Me: I'm doing good. My treatment is probably working. It's a slow process and I may not see any significant progress for months. At least I think the crisis is over. The worse part of it for me is all the doctors appointments and especially the needles (for steroids and blood work). I had 5 babies with no epidural because I really don't like needles... Oh well, I'm getting more than my share now, LOL! I'm not going to talk about it anymore unless a specific need comes up. I do appreciate your prayers and concern. Please know that I'm doing ok.


Trena in Naperville said...

Sending lots of hugs and prayers from Naperville! XXOO

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Sharon in NE said...

I've got your CD on (Mary Did You Know) and the sweet music is so soothing during the holiday chaos. Here's a warm hug for you, my friend.