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Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

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With the beginning of a new school year in our midst... I would like to put a renewed emphasis on praying for the young people in our lives. Please add the names of the young people in your life by commenting on this post.
Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage all those on the list.**If you've been on a previous list, please email with your update. Check back on last months post for the previous details and requests, I'm only including updates and new requests here.
Update!! Bette( 9/20): Late last night my husband started bleeding rectally and they are doing a colonoscopy to try and find were the bleeding is coming from now. They have given him 4 units of blood since last night and he is now retaining all fluids. His stomach looks like he is 7 months pregnant. Please continue to pray for him. He will still be in ICU until his condition changes. Thanks everyone for your responses. It really means so much to me. Love, Bette

Update(Friday 9/19): He was doing much better last night and if he continues to improve may be out of ICU by tomorrow or Sunday. Thank God that they were able to help him. He is such a kind, wonderful man and it breaks my heart to see him suffer so much. He has been my rock and the roles have reversed and it is so hard for me but I try my best....

Bette (GW)Her husband (Joe) was taken to the hospital after throwing up over a pint of blood. What they found is called Esophageal Varices. They operated and put bands on the veins that caused the bleeding. He will have to have the procedure done every week for 6 wks and the every 2 months and then every 6 months for the rest of his life. But at least there is a way to keep him from bleeding.
Let's Pray for Bette and Joe.
Update(9/20): Marcia aka marciad Thank you for adding my daughter to the prayer list. She is much better. Going for physical therapy to continue the recovery from the surgery.
Please just thank all the folks who read your prayer list for helping.

New* Marcia aka marciad: Please put my daughter on the prayer list She is healing from surgery and is now fighting an infection. We're hoping it's minor as it's shown up in her eye.
Thanks for the support.

New* Amanda: I got this message from my niece today(9/10). Her baby, Isaiah, is just couple of weeks old. These are her words...

We found out yesterday that he has a blood disorder called G6PD deficiency. I never heard of it before yesterday, but now it is like the most important thing in our lives. Basically, there are certain foods and meds that he can not have because it will cause a further degradation of his red blood cells. (his blood is lacking G6PD which is a component of healthy red blood cells) it is a genetic disorder... we think that {husband/dad} is the carrier. We have to monitor him when he gets infections or sick b/c the risk of him needing blood transfusions is higher when his body needs to fight infections since his red blood cells are deficient, illness can throw him into a severe anemic state really fast. He has an appointment with a hematology specialist on Wed. Our hope is that he has a really mild form of the deficiency... and that it will have a minimal effect on his life. Otherwise, he is completely healthy. I just wish we did not have to deal with this. but, no matter how hard I wish, that doesn't change the circumstances. All I can do is pray for him, and ask others to do the same.

Please pray for her and encourage her if you feel inclined to do so.
Kimberly: Kim asks that we pray for her mental health. She struggles with depression and feels a downslide coming on. She recently blogged about it. Click on her name to go to her blog.
New* Michelle : Please pray for her mother, Janet, and for Michelle ( who is currently her mother's caretaker) . She had major surgery several weeks ago and is still recovering. Pray that she both fully recovers from the surgery and also doesn't need another surgery. There is doubt right now as to whether or not the surgery was successful, so they may be looking into repeating it. Michelle says, "I don't think she can go through it again. I am trying to trust God - I know He made her so of course He can control what happens, but at the same time I am having a really hard time keeping away from worry."
Update: Karen (Sarah's Daughter) This update is from Karen herself! (Karen is on the right in the photo)

I started taking medication for migraines shortly before college. Since then, I’ve had significantly fewer episodes of slowness and brain fog, but more headaches. This makes me think the weird spells are my body’s way of dealing with severe pain – turning it into something more bearable. So maybe the medication is keeping the pain from reaching the point where that happens? Also, noise seems to be a trigger, so I’ve been wearing earplugs whenever I’m in crowded/noisy places. Those two things seem to be helping a lot, so prayer that I'd find something to help with the headaches and other things resulting from noise would be super.--I really really appreciate your prayers. Thank you SO much Thanks!~K~
Update: Sandie (sandie994 from GW)
My son is having some pain down his leg. We're hoping it is just some inflammation from the surgery and will stop. He will be stating therapy soon.

My SIL is doing well. Still sore and tired but getting around. She will be starting chemo on Thurs. She has a very good outlook and is sure she will beat this. She was so touched by all the card she received from GW's.
Update: Catherine: Ethan is on a restricted diet now of no:eggs, dairy, corn, wheat, juice and sugar.

He has improved on this diet I tested it out yesterday by letting have lunch at preschool that they prepare there. NEVER again!!! Chaos erupted. ..
We have him in a developmental center for preschool, so that'll help us :D! Ty for your prayers please continue...
Update: Me(Jacki): My dermatologist decided to biopsy the rash/lesion on my face. When I go back next week to have the sutures removed, and depending on the results, I'll probably have to go on that medicine that I hoped to avoid. I'm still praying for healing. I do know that sometimes God chooses to heal with medicines, right?
9/9 I went back to the dermatologist today. My sutures are out and the biopsy results are as expected. No change... at least it's not worst. So we start the new medicine as soon as the drug store and the doctor and insurance company figure out how many to give me with one co-pay. I'll have to go back in a week for a blood draw to find out how I'm tolerating it. Sounds scary. I'm a side effects magnet... So let's pray that it doesn't make me too sick, AND it stops this mess from progressing.

Update: Debbie S ( Kentucky Deb from GW) I am continuing to feel better! Two more weeks until I can work full time. I FINALLY got results on my breast ultrasounds. Not the c word. I will at some point need surgery on the right one. Boys are both doing well:)
Thanks for praying.

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