Thursday, August 7, 2008

Teenagers do have redeeming qualities....

How many times have I backspaced and accidentally deleted a picture in Blogger? I don't know how many, but I'll bet it's up in the hundreds. And then I go thru the whole upload process yet again...
Well my smarter than me 16 year old told me the other day that all I had to do was hit control and then the letter z. Miraculously it comes back. Evidently that's a shortcut to an un-do button. Does anybody else have any shortcuts that they'd like to share?


Amy said...

are you KIDDING me???????????? God bless your 16-year old! That happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!


Suzanne said...

Oh I can help with that! The following are some common ones!

Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+I Italic
Windows key (all by itself - flying window) Start menu
Windows key+E Windows Explorer (great for copying and moving files around!)
Windows key+R Run command (you can type in calc for calculator, sol for solitaire, word, notepad, etc)
Windows key+F Find command (for those files you've saved SOMEWHERE, but you can't remember where! LOL)
Alt+F4 Close current window
Alt+Tab Switches between open windows

You can google "windows shortcut keys" and get a BUNCH of suggestions!

Mary O.K. said...

Learn to love your F11 key!

It's one of my personal favorites: in Windows IE, you can easily/temporarily minimize the toolbar at the top of your screen and the task bar at the bottom of your screen by pressing the F11 key. The F (function) keys are at the very top of the keyboard-- there are usually 12 of them. You can also accomplish this by clicking on the VIEW menu and selecting "Full Screen" from the drop-down menu, but that's not as handy.

This is a great little trick if you're viewing, for example, a photo that's a little bigger than your screen. Press the F11 key and it gives you more available space on your screen, so you won't need to scroll down (or scroll down as much).

To return the view of your toolbar, just press F11 again. Magic!

Dawn Bibbs said...

OH BOY...that's SOOOO good to know. I do that CONSTANTLY!!!

Now if your daughter can tell me a way to stop from having ALL THOSE spaces between my paragraphs! That drives me INSANE!!!