Thursday, August 21, 2008


ABC Challenge G is for Glitter
No, I haven't been doing much stamping in the last several days... Cleaning, hostessing, moving, reading, shopping, but not much in the way of cardmaking. I managed to assemble this card last night. I colored the flowers a while ago. --color which you can't even see after I used dimensional glue and glitter on it.

I'm going to include this 'glitter' card in my abc challenges. Since no one is consistently playing with me and the object is to challenge myself to use 'what I got', I think I'm going to bend the rules and stop stressing about the order I'm working in. Ideally, it would be nice for you and for me to go in alphabetical order, but it slowed me down because I got stuck on G is for glitter. I think I said before that I was just going to skip it, but I couldn't let go of it. This particular glitter is not as fine as the glitter I usually use. So technically, it's been a long while since I've used this, so it fits my challenge.
ETA: I'm not trying to challenge myself to use stuff I don't regulary use in order to break out of my style box, instead I'm trying to get some use out of all the junk I've spent money on AND figure out a way to incorporate it into my style.

From now on, I'm not worrying about going in order, if it becomes a problem. But I will post ahead of time what I'm working on, so that IF you want to join me, you can. Incidently, I'm am going to be working on H next. I realized after talking to Sarah that I haven't used my horse stamps (from Biblical Impressions) in a loooong time. So horses next, anybody wanna join me?
By the way, Sarah already has a horse card on her blog.

After that, it's M is for Markers for me. I don't have Copics, but I do have lots of markers. Probably as many colors as I have color pencils. I don't use them because I use the pencils. I'm going to do some coloring with the markers for a while-- before they dry out.

about this card~
After I colored the flower images and cut out one side, I used dimensional glue. Before the glue was dry, I put a touch of reinker in the center of each flower. (Some spread more than I wanted it to.) They I added the glitter by sprinkling it lightly over the glue.

Stamps: Flower Garden (Paper Trey Ink), Simple Messages ( Hero Arts)
Printed paper: Keeping Memories Alive

Other: Dimensional glue, The Original Prisma Glitter, reinker

And on a personal note:
Two down, one more to go. Jillana is so much more in her element in this school than she was last year. What a relief on me! My niece is settled into her dorm and my sister headed home yesterday. Jannelle and I are leaving for Michigan in a couple of days... once I get back, I think I'm going to celebrate with an extended... NAP!!! :>)


stacy said...

What a great card Jacki! That patterned paper is really pretty too!

marciad said...

Love the card. Fab idea what you did with the glitter and the cutting of the flowers. Don't think I have the coordination to stamp the flowers just the right way in order to cut them out, but will try.

nise said...

Is this ever beautiful, Jacki! You did an awesome job with "G" and "glitter". Best of luck with your trip to the mitten and finally getting that much deserved nap.

Cindy H. said...

Beautiful card! Love the colors and the DP.