Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

submit your request email me at thecardcastle@yahoo.com
Don't forget the young people.Continue to send me their names (or yours) so that they can be added to the list.
Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage all those on the list.
**If you've been on a previous list, please email with your update. Check back on last months post for the previous details and requests, I'm only including updates and new requests here.
NEW: Dina and family. Pray for them as they prepare and travel back home to Indonesia this month.
NEW: Mary-Ellen: There is a couple about my age in my Sunday School Class. They were expecting their first baby due July 25th. Over the weekend she noticed there had not been any fetal movement. They went to the hospital and there was no heartbeat. She had to go through labor Sunday night. They are planning a memorial service and it will be in about three weeks. Could you please pray they continue to look to the Lord during this time? They are a wonderful couple and it is very evident their love for one another and their love for the Lord.
Update -Sara: (this is my friend in MI who is battling leukemia) Sara saw the face of Jesus earlier this afternoon. Hallelujah! Please pray for her family and friends as they celebrate her homegoing, and then begin to adjust to life without her here on earth . She touched so many in her daily life, at her church, and as a BSF teaching leader.
Update: Sarah Karen is still desperately seeking a diagnosis. Let's pray for her healing whether or not they diagnose the problem.
Continue to pray for Nancy's son and family.
Please pray for Casey Kent's family. He passed away on June 14 as a result of his injuries . You can still access the blog set up for him by his aunt by clicking on his name above. The obituary is there as well as information on how we can help the family.

Don't forget to check previous posts for other prayer concerns and details on the ones that are only updated here. You can find links to the previous post on the right.

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Sharon in NE said...

Dina is in my prayers for safety and an easy road back.
My heart aches for this couple Mary-Ellen knows. I will pray for grace and peace for them.
Sara has finally found healing, but I will pray for her family as the pain at first goes away but the emptiness can linger.
Praying for Karen's healing. God, the Almighty Physician knows and can heal.
I will continue to keep Nancy's son and family and the Kent's family in my prayers.