Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jayla came to see me!

... oh and of course, Dawn came too...

And Miss "Thang" loves to get her picture taken. America's Next Top Model watch out!

I thought it would be nice to have her stand near my pink flowers since she loves pink. Without prompting from her mom or me, she started posing with the flowers and looking into the flowers. We had to convince her to look at me and smile. She wanted to model!

What an enjoyable visit we had. At one point, she went over and whispered to her mom that I'm silly. Oh well, the secret is out!

Thanks for coming to see me Jayla. I miss you already! Oh and Dawn... you too! (smile)


Sharon in NE said...

What a beautiful girl!

The Rubber Maid said...

She's adorable and why not be the next top model. Your design cards are awesome. Love black and white.
Hope you stay happy and well. Pat

Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, what a cute little girl! OH WAIT...that's MY cute little girl, LOL.

Jacki, we really enjoyed our visit with you yesterday. On our way home, Jayla asked when we were going back to visit...I think she liked you :-). Even though she says you live too far, LOL.

Thanks for taking such beautiful pix of my sweetie. I'd love to get copies of those if you don't mind.

Love ya!

Renee said...

How great that you and Jayla (and Dawn too) got together. I miss Atlanta. Oh well. I will visit Ya'll sometimes.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. the secret is, indeed, out. :)
I like your pink flowers. I meant to tell you... on one of those, oh, 14-ish days I spent at your house? lol.

I'll miss you guys.