Monday, June 9, 2008

Golf Congratulations

Good Monday morning!

I made this card a while ago, but it's the perfect card for my godson. He's in 9th grade and helping the golf team at his high school win all kinds of stuff, like state championships. He's breaking records etc...
He's also doing great on his own in all kinds of tournaments. I'm not into golf too much, but my husband says it's phenominal. So I thought he deserves a card. (Everything deserves a card, right?)
This is my Gail's son. I mentioned before that I have a Gail like Oprah does. We've been friends for over 20 years and we are more like sisters.

The only stamping on this card is the script within the oval. The golf club, ball and tee are Jolee's stickers.

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2stampis2b said...

Those photos are awesome! The second one with the club head so large is cool! I love how you made plaid on your card with squares of paper and white ink...