Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coffee Cards and more...

I should know better than to state my intentions. Yesterday, quickly "drove" away from me. I spent most of the day on the road chauffeuring. I went to the airport and back, to the mall and back three times. I took Jannelle to work at the mall and I took the younger three to Wal-mart and Office Depot and Blockbuster (big mistake!) Even though they are 15, 9, and 12, I have to remember to never take them out before nap time. Cranky kids make shopping difficult. In their defense, we had a couple of late nights when our friends were here.
Just a little while later, I took Jillana back to the mall to apply for another job. This place only gives out applications from 6-8 pm. And then back to the mall to retrieve the currently employed one at the end of her work day.
As you can see, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't do the tutorial while driving. (smile). Hopefully today will be a little more low key.

'Jacki Camp' officially starts today! They have been reading up a storm-- almost everybody. I need to take the boy to the Library to see if we can find him something that he will enjoy more.They are reading right now. I'll do my reading later. Actually, let me tell you really quick about the book I just finished.I promise to say more late. I don't want this post to become a book. Robin Roberts' From the Heart: Seven Rules to live by. If you was a quick and inspiring read for the summer. She has an incredible amount of determination and it was interesting to see that she's an apple that didn't fall far from the tree. Her family is full of incredible people. Her father was one of the Tuskegee Airmen.

The only stamp set used here is one of the new Hero Arts sets-- Sparkle Clear Coffee. It is one of the featured stamp sets this week. You can see the card I made here.

I don't know if you've noticed, but they create card kits from some of the cards we create. Check out the kit for the card I made this week. By the way, Hero Arts online store is offering free shipping until June 10.

I've just finished working on a tutorial for this card. Once I upload the pictures from my camera, I'll enter a second post.

I used a Versamarker and clear Embossing powder to get this look.
This is actually the first one I made.

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cardcrazy said...

Hi Jacki! I just found your "Good Coffee, Good Friend" card on the Hero Arts blog...and love it! I recently bought this stamp set, but needed inspiration to get started with it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!