Monday, May 26, 2008

Look Out Texas!

Our dear friends, Bryan and Theresa, are leaving our favorite church and headed for Texas. He was our Worship Pastor or (Music Minister) at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins GA and yesterday was their last official Sunday. I know if the Lord is sending them to Texas, He has a plan in mind for Southside, but we are going to miss them a lot. It's not that we see them all the time like we did when we lived there, but it was nice to know that they were going to be there when we went 'home'. I told Bryan yesterday that in all the years I've been singing, he's been the best choir director I've ever had. He not only has the talent (mucho talented!) but a true gift for leading people. A true leader doesn't have to make people follow, they follow because that leader has something to offer. Theresa also sings like a beautiful songbird. If you live in Texas and they show up at your church in the near future, treat them like the gems they are!

Part of the Southside Posse' 2003-2004. left to right- Kaylen, Karissa, and James (Bryan and Theresa's three), my girls, and Chalee.

I made a card for their family from my family. This image is from smARTworks. The background stamp is Sparkle Borders from Hero Arts. Jillana wrote on the right side for me with that Uni-ball Signo white gel pen sent to me by Velda from GW. (Thanks Velda).
The outside says "We are so sad you are leaving that we can only come up with two words..." and inside the two words are "Road Trip". Just our way of saying that this isn't good-bye but that we'll be coming to visit. They can't say they weren't warned! (smile)

We spent time with our favorite family, but I didn't get any pictures of them. I wasn't thinking. We'll be seeing them again next weekend so I'll be sure to take pictures then. The baby has grown so much as babies tend to do! And as a special bonus, we ran into Sherri, Scott, Emily and Stephanie. The last time we went to WR, Stephanie and I tried to coordinate lunch after church, but it didn't work out. This time evidently God orchestrated it. They decided to go to a Moe's on a whim, because they usually eat out on the other side of town. We changed our plans and decided to go to Moe's at the last minute. They came through the door as we were standing there staring at the menu. (We'd never been there before.) It was such a blessing to spend the time with them all. We almost didn't want to come home. OK truth is some of us didn't want to come home! All around it was a great day yesterday!

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loni.sue said...

Hey Jacki,
I love that crying girl image! I have it and it's my favorite image to use for a going away card. I got it years ago but not from SmARTworks. I'll remember the "road trip" message--love it! Sorry your friends are leaving--it's so hard to say goodbye. Or even "road trip."