Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award

I was awarded this a couple of times in April just before the surgery thing. I never acknowledged it or nominated others. I think I'll do that now.

Amy of Heartfelt Greetings nominated me and so did Sarah of Encouraging Impressions. Both of these ladies would be nominated by me if they hadn't gotten to me first. (smile) I'm honored just to know them both.

I am going to nominate a couple of people whose blogs inspire me. Whenever their blog lights up in Google Reader, I go straight to it. I would imagine by now that they've already been nominated, but I'm not going to worry about that.
of course there are many blogs that I read and enjoy, but today I have to limit myself to 5.
1. The first is Holly and her blog is called Today's Creations.
I first became aware of Holly through our work on the Rubber Stamper's Design Team. I've always loved and admired her work. Since she recently started blogging, I can see her stuff more often and that makes me happy. I was thrilled to meet her several weeks ago when she and Debbie came to my house.
2. Which brings me to number two. Debbie is someone I met thru Gingerwood and blogland and has become a friend. Friends encourage, inspire, and help each other, and that's just what Debbie does for me. I'm so honored to have helped her get comfortable with her blog when she was here because she is a talented card maker and I enjoy seeing what she comes up with.If you click on her name you'll go to the post on my blog where I talked about her and showed pictures of the CD holder she sent me. Click on Transformations to go to her blog.
3. Julie is often mentioned on my blog lately. Her blog is called Out to Impress. I've been impressed since the first time I saw her work. We recently swapped images and she was the winner of my Leap Year contest. Her talent amazes me, and she's a darling person to boot!
4. The ever inspiring Dina is next. I personally can't figure out how she can be a missionary, mom of 4 small kids, homeschooling, an amazing card maker and design team member. When my kids were that little, I didn't do much crafting. Each one of Dina's cards are works of art. Go to Mama Dini's Stamperia when you need to be inspired! Oh and did I mention she designs stamps for smARTworks?
5. Last but not least, I'm going to nominate the Hero Club Blog. This blog is an extension of the best stamp company in the world. I'm not mentioning them because they hired me. I'm working for them because they are the best.(wink) When they jumped on the blogging bandwagon, they did so with a bang. Taking turns at blogging each week are some uber talented paper craft artists. One of them is Lisa who also does a lot of the web design too. I 'met' Lisa on Gingerwood years ago. Hers was one of the first blogs out there. She was also a part of the Rubber Stamper's design team. My favorite week was when the company's president gave us in site into Hero Arts' beginnings as well as a look into the day to day workings of the company. I find that fascinating!
OK, I'm off to take a picture of a card and I'll be back with a short card related post.


Julie Koerber said...

AW shucks! Thanks so much Jacki! I am honored and You know I luv ya! I think you are funny, talented and just a genuine person!!!! Keep inspiring us all!!

Holly Craft said...

Thanks, Jacki....I think :-)I thought about you last week when I was coming back into town, but it was time for the boy and the other boy to get home, so I didn't stop by. Thanks for thinking of me.

lisa said...

Awwwww, thanks Jacki! You really made my day! :) The Hero Club Blog IS a bunch of work, but it's FUN work!!!

And, so glad you joined the Hero team -- love your style!


loni.sue said...

Congratulations Ms. Jones!!


Deb said...

You are so sweet. I feel honored to be in the company of these great ladies and to be called "friend" by you! Now that school is out (whoohoo) I can create up a storm. I just haven't had much time to get down to my room to do much. I have LOTS of ideas swirling around in my head though.

jacki jones said...

Holly, you can stop by anytime!