Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank You Collage

I thought about blogging this morning, but it was soooo cloudy that I couldn't get good pictures. After a nice nap, the sun came out and I managed to take pictures,so here I am.

Before I tell you about my card, let me tell you that someone you know personally, made the card of the week over at Hero Arts today. (wink)

Also if you don't already check out the Hero Club Blog, check it out today. The company's owner is the featured blogger this week and talked about the early days of Hero Arts. The challenge this week, is a very interesting one. I'm going to have to think about doing this one....

About this card:
I was playing around without a specific direction the other day and came up with this. The flower and the green background with were just laying around on my desk. I dug out a lot of other stamps to fill in the spaces. (All the stamps are Hero Arts.)

I also used the Nestabilities to create the frame. I accidentally embossed it crooked a few weeks ago and that's why it was sitting around on my desk. I love that Thank You collage (filling the embossed framed area). It's the perfect size for an ATC or to build a card around. I actually bought that stamp from someone on Gingerwood.

On a personal note:
Let me show you something that I've been wanting to talk about for days now. I moved the cards from the top of my TV cabinet because I ran out of room. Here are a few shots of the same group of cards.

After I moved the cards and spread them out on the top of the dresser I got a lot of funny reactions. As they entered my room, everybody reacted in their own way.

Husband said, "That's an impressive lot of cards!" He added last night "I'm still impressed"
The Boy said, "Does this mean that you are popular?
The Other Boy said, "Wow, that's a lot of cards!"
My high school daughter was almost speechless but managed to say, "whoa"!
My college freshman said, "Are they from your fans?" (her word not mine ;) )
My oldest daughter hadn't seen the furniture or the cards until Saturday night said, "Where did all this come from?" and then "WOW!"

I am speechless! It feels so good to have people show their love and concern.

What the cards did for me:
  • I'm blessed with and surrounded by all the beauty, made or bought.
  • You filled the cards with well wishes, advice (I'm being good) and reminders that you are praying for me.

  • I think you "kicked me up a notch" in the eyes of my family. (that's always nice)
I'm just amazed as my family is. All I can say is Whoa! and Thank YOU. To all of you who sent a card or an email. The emails don't show up in the photos but were received with the same amount of love and blessing. One day soon, I'll scan the handmade ones individually so that you can see all the artistic beauty.

I'm feeling pretty good these days. No more pain, but I tire very easily. I ventured out to Wal-mart on Sunday with the 4 kids that are at home and although they did most of the work it totally wiped me out! I went straight to bed for a nap when we got back. Yes, you guessed it, nap is a daily necessity.

One of the reasons I went to Walmart was for clear CD cases. After my nap, I managed to get all my clear stamps organized. I even pulled out the clear stamps I've had for years and never use because they weren't accessible. This basket, by the way, is the one I got at Michaels last week too. I love it when things come together like this. A perfect fit!

So, don't forget to check out the card of the week, on Hero Art's website. I'm still excited about that opportunity. It's a great company.


Kathy W said...

Beautiful card, here, Jacki. I actually like the artistic line of the slanted nestabilities with the collage. And...I hopped over to the Hero Arts site after getting an email notice for the card of the week. I always look at the card first (loved it), then smiled when I looked at the name of the artist. Nice job!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better, I've been "checking" your progress through your blog.

You must be reading my mind because just this afternoon I was trying to figure out how to organize my clear stamps. The CD cases are a great idea, and I love the basket. I was wondering, though, how you place the stamps in the cases? Do you include the plastic liner that the stamps are initially packed in? of are the stamps just adhered to the plastic case?

Your blog is an inspiration. I am a huge Hero Arts fan, so I love seeing your creations on their site.

Blessings! -Krissy

loni.sue said...

Love the Hero Arts card, Jacki! So cheerful. And love the photos of the cards from your "fan" club! Good grief, woman, you're wearing your mail carrier out! That's a lot of love, baby. Also, I'm a big nap fan for illness--staving it off or recovering from it. Excellent home care! xox

marciad said...

So happy that you are feeling better. Love the collage card and the HA is beautiful, too.

jacki j. said...

Thanks Kathy! Loni and Marcia!

Krissy, I'll add pictures later. I'm still intending to do a post on organizing my stamp room. Basically, after I removed the CD insert, I trimmed the plastic index liner to fit the CD case. I discarded the rest of the packaging. I thought about sticking them to the plastic case and indexing with StazOn, but that would take too much time when it already had indexing. The ones that I don't have the packaging for, I just stuck to the inside of the case.(no indexing)I used my label maker with clear tape to label them.

I'm a huge Hero Arts fan too, thanks for the encouragement.

Juanita B said...

Yes, I agree with your family, that is an impressive amount of beautiful cards!!

I'm very happy to hear that you don't have any pain...that's impressive too. Thanks for the joy and TFS.

beth said...

j.j., you never cease to amaze me. i love the pink and green on the thank you flower.

and i really, really like your card of the week. :)

thanks for being awesome. miss you and hope to see you and your family soon!

loni.sue said...

Second comment because my brain has a way of falling out every so often. I love your green thank-you card. Great collage-y look, love the off-center nesty look, it all just works beautifully.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey there, your cards ARE beautiful. I think there are more now than when I saw them a few weeks ago. are loved. Now I feel bad about not bringing a card when I came by (twice), lol.

I also see that you made your way over to Walmart. GOOD JOB!!!

Guess I'll have to come back again and see what all you've done :-).

Love ya!

jacki j. said...

yes, you'll have to come back Dawn. But 2 visits and live purple tulips are as good as a card believe me...