Sunday, April 20, 2008

Purple Orchids

My neighbor/friend couldn't make up her mind when she saw these two plants, so she decided that"God must have wanted you to have them both". She delivered them to me just as my tulips were fading last week. They are beautiful, aren't they! God is an awesome artist. We can draw or paint or try to copy this beauty, but we must acknowledge that the original artist is awesome!

Now, I need to remember to bring down the exact name of them so that I can look up details on how to care for them. I don't want to kill them.
I've mentioned before that I like to make thank you cards to reflect the gift. I really wish I had this stamp so that I could make a card to show my gratitude for these beautiful orchids. Wouldn't it be perfect?

Since I don't have the stamp (boo hoo) and since I want to give her a timely thank you, I'm going with another stamp for the card. Actually I decided to play up the friend angle instead of the Thank You.

I love this single rose.
Embossed Card: 6 x 6 card(Die Cuts with a View)
Stamps: Rose(Impression Obsession/ Alesa Baker), F (Paper Studio)
Other: Circle Punches

My computer time is over for the day... Have a good night!


Deb said...

This is a beautiful card!

marciad said...

I love the card. Keep well.

nise said...

Your creative ability certainly hasn't suffered a bit. Your stuff is gorgeous, as always. Take care.

Juanita B said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What a kind and thoughtful neighbor/friend. I just can't get over their beauty, jacqi!! I know you can get them to bloom year after year and it's claimed to be an uneasy task. Wha "they" don't know is you have the Master in your life.
I LOVE the card, I thought it was a Cuttlebug folder I had overlooked, LOL. TFS and have a blessed day.