Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Mother's Day Card

I love this Chatterbox paper! I haven't been keeping up with the new Chatterbox releases in the last year or so. I'm not sure how new this print is, but I saw it for the first time at Archiver's last week. As soon as I saw it, it screamed Mother's day to me.
If you don't believe me ask the Archiver's lady. I didn't want to add a whole lot to it, so I just cut flowers from the paper to use as the accents. You can't tell from the photography, but the brown card stock was texturized using one of the Fiskars Texture plates.

On a Personal Note:
In other news, we've had some crazy weather here in Atlanta. Tornadoes touched down two days in a row. We were not directly hit either day, but it danced around us. We also had company last night so I've been busy making my house "company clean". My sister is going to stop by tonight. Her family is passing through ATL on their way to their Spring Break destination. Busy, busy. Well I have to go and help my "the boy" cut letters with my Baby Cricut. He's actually doing EXTRA CREDIT!

Here are pictures of my room in progress. I have to get it painted and then I can move all the stuff back in. In the meantime, I've been painting on a table that is just outside my room. My creativity hasn't been hindered too much by having my room all torn up. I don't know why I take pictures like this, but since I have this blog, I get to torture you with them. LOL!

I'm teaching my last class at Michaels tomorrow night. I think I'm going to have 4 people this time!
Have a blessed day!!!


loni.sue said...

I take photos like that too. Love "before" and "after" photos. Would probably do even more if I had a blog. It seems like you just moved into your new home yesterday and here you are having to redo your stamp room again. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

This card is really fun. Your room looks like it's getting there. Have fun with it.!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow I love looking at the pics....what are all those draws...what are they full of? Are they all art supplies? WOW

jacki j. said...

LOL, brown english muffin, the drawers you can see are all wood mounted rubber stamps.

Juanita B said...

I LOVE your Mother's Day card. The cut flowers do add a nice touch.
Wow, your crafting place is really coming along. I love watching things in progress, it's great to create pages with before, during, and after. I am so relieved that you were not affected by the tornadoes. My heart and prayers go out to those that were. TFS.