Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let the Voting Begin

The winner has been announced >here<

Fabulous Card Number 1: Mary sent this to me right away. I mentioned that I was going to do the contest and she got right on it! Here's Mary Dinucci's Fabulous Castle Card (how appropriate) she's had the stamp since January 12, 2004.

Fabulous Card Number 2: Here is Stephanie's Ingenious Inkling , Lucky Shamrock. Stephanie has had this stamp for 3+ years . Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day. Bright and Cheery!

Fabulous Card Number 3: Rhonda from Creating with Sand Between my Toes shared her quick cards with us. She had this stamp since 2005. Too bad I'm not voting, 'cause this one has my favorite color combo (anything and purple) wink


Fabulous Card Number 4: This was made by Julie of Out to Impress. Julie has owned these stamps since 2006. Here's another one trying to coordinate with the Card Castle with the purple... (smile)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fabulous Card Number 5: Deb Neerman doesn't want us to tell her husband that she's had this stamp unused since 1995! She crafts at Paper Inks Scissors and Stamps. We won't tell if you don't tell on us. (LOL)


Fabulous Card Number 6: Here is Julie's second entry. I wonder how many more unused stamps Julie has hiding in her craft room. Julie is Out to Impress for sure with this one.


Kelly created Fabulous Card Entry Number 7. She can be found at Ramblings of a Not So Sane Mommy. I know there's no purple on this card, but I like the blue and yellow scheme too.
A very special thank you to all the fabulous card makers who participated!!! Please go ahead and email me your mailing address now. Just for taking the time to do the challenge each participant will receive a special treat.
Please vote only once for the card you like best by leaving a comment with it's "Fabulous Entry Number". If you are posting anonymously you must sign your name. Since I'm moderating comments anyway, I'll keep the voting secret and just announce the winner.
And to those of you who don't usually comment because you are too shy... This is just for you and said in the sweetest little voice I can come up with. "Please vote for the card you like best? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?"

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Babydoll said...

Hi!! I found you on Dawn's site. I just love your cards! Great blog too!