Saturday, February 23, 2008

Comment Moderation Enabled

I've enabled comment moderation at The Card Castle for the time being. Twice in the last few days, I had comments with links to who-knows-where left here. I don't want any of you clicking those links and having something happen to your computers or your eyes explode or whatever. For now, when you comment, it won't be automatically published. I'll see it first and make sure it's ok. If I don't get any more questionable comments, I take it off after a while.


Dot said...

Hi Jacki!

Now that I look at the top of the screen, I notice that it says 'comment moderation enabled'. I'm sorry, I didn't see that before.

Take Care,

Dawn Bibbs said...

Good idea. I don't mind you "screening" what I have to say, lol. Not to mention, I'll just see you in person soon...see if you can screen THAT!! LOL

Love ya!!!