Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soap Making and Cards too!

First, for my Georgia friends, let me share a picture or two of my back porch from last year in MI.

I think this was from the snow storm around first week of February. We had snow last year all the way into May or June!! LOL -- at least it seemed that way!
I had every intention to go take the pictures and come right back to upload them to the blog. Since that was hours ago, I'll bet you're wondering what took me so long to get the pictures posted? Think about the children's book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie". I went to the kitchen to photograph and realized that I couldn't take pictures in an unclean kitchen, so I washed dishes that my daughter didn't last night (she's in trouble). While I was working I thought it would be a good idea to pre-heat the oven so that we can have muffins with our lunch. Having finished the dishes, I started to take the pictures and the camera told me the card was full. So I headed downstairs to upload the pictures to the computer. It was taking forever because there were several videos on it from the basketball games last week, so I left it uploading and decided to go to the other computer to get online while I waited. I passed the battery charger and realized the batteries in the charger were done so it was time to take them out and put in the next set. When I got to the computer I found the images I colored along with the paper to match. (When did I put this here?) I took them into my office and made a couple of cards with them. While I was standing at my desk, I was distracted by the card stock and stamps in the vicinity so I made a couple more cards. At least an of hour later, I'm back at the computer answering email and checking Google Reader and the Gingerwood stamping board and I still don't have the pictures taken and suddenly I remembered that I left the oven pre-heating because I was going to make muffins! I grabbed the camera and headed back to the kitchen. While we ate lunch, I baked a batch of blueberry muffins for the boy and decided I needed the chocolate ones too. While the oven is hot we may as well make up the Lemon Poppy Seed mix before it goes bad. While they were baking, I finally got the pictures taken and actually the light is better than it was this morning because it's brighter outside. I came back to the computer to upload and edit the pictures and got them all ready to post, AND NOW blogger won't let me upload any photos.

Am I the only one who has days like this?

Here are pictures I took of the soaps as I was making them. I'll add the rest of the soap and some cards as soon as Blogger lets me.

Adding a couple of drops of red.
And a couple of drops of blue.
Give it a swirl with a toothpick.
I think I need a nap!

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