Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flower Journal

I haven't been doing much card making over the last couple of days. Besides having company for New Years, I'm been doing some deep cleaning and organizing. This is the kind of cleaning where you dump out all that is neatly put away and analyze it and discard what you don't want. I was inspired after I "helped" Gameboy clean out his room. He has grown like a weed over the last few months and we cleared out all the clothes that are too small or that he won't wear. His space is much more manageable now. I want my office/computer space and the Card Castle to be have that same feeling. I'm anxious to check off that particular one of my goals for the 2008.

This isn't exciting yet, I just thought I'd show you the start of one of my new projects.

I bought a little water color book a long time ago. I recently decided to cover it and call it my Flower Journal. I'm going to practice water coloring with some of my favorite flower stamps. I know, I know it's not purple, but it's still for me. Every once in a while I like to have something non-purple. I'm sure a lot of the inside pages will be purple-ish. I think I'm going to take this and my water color pencils in the car line for a while. I made that decision because of the cleaning spell I'm in. I 'm trying to figure out a more manageable way to satisfy my need to color.

Do you see all these purple pencil boxes? They are sorted by subject and labeled(although you can't see that because of the flash) and filled with images that have been colored or painted or water colored--- some of them were done several years ago! Will I ever use them, probably not, because I'm still coloring and adding to it on a regular basis! I'm going to give away or throw away most of the images OR go ahead and make something with a few of them.
My 10 year old niece told me at Christmas time that she loves to make cards (smile). I bought her some supplies from Michaels for Christmas and promised that I would send some more stuff later when I cleaned up my room. I think she may be the recipient of some of this stuff.
So in compliance with my first New Years goal ( to be on the computer less ). I'm going to turn it off for a while so that I don't stop and check the bulletin board or google reader or blogs every time I walk by it. Have a blessed day, and I'll be back tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ummm... Jacki, just wondering... since you just moved and set up your stamping space, how can it be in need of cleaning and organizing already? (Do your things multiply like mine?)
~Jayne S. :)

Trena in Naperville said...

Jacki, I understand what you are saying about organizing! I bought the book "Clutter Control" serveral years ago. Each time I get ready to do serious oranization (e.g. my closet or craft area), I read through the book to get into the right mind set. I tend to be sentimental and keep too much stuff. Good Luck!! I appreicate what you said about time on the PC. I have mine in my craft area. I sit there to create and first check my email - two hous later, I have read my email and visited 123 stamping/art blogs and ran out of time to create!! I'm going to just say no, like you! thanks! Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Karen L said...

I have been really challenged by reading your blog especially since the girls at "Scrap of Faith" are also seriously into organising and decluttering their homes and lives. I am sure that God is reinforcing to me that this is definately an area I need to work on this year also. Thanks for the encouragementg and inspiration.

Kimberly said...

Hi Jacki!! I love your journal and cant wait to see some of the finished pages :)
I sure hope you have a blessed 2008! I am blessed to have your wonderful projects and words of wisdom to check out, thank you!

Sarosa said...

Wow, Jacki, I had to laugh at your comment, "I 'm trying to figure out a more manageable way to satisfy my need to color." I've been trying to figure out a way to FORCE myself to color, lol! I am determined that I will spend at least a couple of days in a row doing nothing but coloring this month!

Another thought for your images you want to get rid of: if you like working with children, why not a "children's church" or mid-week children's class? You could stamp some scriptures out, and they could glue them onto the image(s) of their choice, and attach to a card. Or even do it with the youth group, and take them to a local nursing home....

Sharon in NE said...

Please take good care of yourself. Its okay to kick back and relax a little. We just don't want any more Christmas Eve heart things, okay?