Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not under my tree you don't!

To make a long story LONG...
I like surprises. For Christmas, I rarely ask for anything in particular, because when I don't get that exact thing, it's a disappointment. Christmas isn't a time for disappointments so when I really want something, I figure out a way to get it myself. ETA: When I make a request, I have expectations. When I don't ask, anything I receive is a bonus. Does that makes sense? I don't like Christmas presents under the tree before Christmas day, because it spoils the surprise. I always figure out what's in the gift and I really don't want to know. We've had 22 Christmas seasons together now as husband and wife, so you would think my husband would know better, right?? Normally, he shops at the last minute, because he can't keep a secret. His shopping day-- December 23rd, and he barely contains himself for two days.
Although we didn't tell our kids that Santa brought their gifts, we always have the element of surprise. I don't put anything under the tree until Christmas morning. --some years it was around 5 am when I finished wrapping all the gifts but it was Christmas morning. One year, when they went downstairs, there was nothing under the tree. You should have seen their faces! That was priceless!!! I then informed them that we were going to have a treasure hunt. Each of the kids received a 'map' and they had to find their treasure. (they each had a laundry basket full of wrapped presents) It was a very sweet site to see the older kids taking time to help the younger ones first before finding their own. See the key for me is surprise. That year, I had to shake it up and do something different. But still, nothing under the tree until Christmas morning!

Now, first of all let me accept the blame for this fiasco I've caused. This year, I made the mistake of asking for something, repeatedly. I've been listening to the Gingerwoodies go on and on about this Cricut for months now and up until recently I was able to ignore it all. But they were having so much fun with it and the price was coming down and my resolve was starting to weaken. And then a couple of weeks ago, we finally got cable and I saw the infomercial. I'm a very visual person so seeing it in action is what put me over the edge. Anyway, I asked him if it was in our budget, I would like to get it for Christmas. On Black Friday Wal-mart and Michaels had it on sale for $119 and $129 respectively. I went to Michaels that day and they had already sold out the few they had before 9 am, so I assumed that Wal-mart was sold out too. I didn't end up getting to Wal-mart until the Monday after Thanksgiving and there was brand new display a full of the Cricuts at the $119 price. I don't think they received their shipment in time for Black Friday. Anyway, I mentioned it to him last Monday. I was back in Wal-mart this past weekend, and although they still had 11 of the 16, I was afraid that if he waited until his normal shopping day-- December 23-- we wouldn't get it at that price. So I mentioned it again. He told me not to worry and that he always takes care of me... and he does... so I didn't worry about it anymore. I decided that if I didn't get it, it wasn't meant for me, and I would continue to hand cut my fancy letters-- a very tedious process. Yeah I know, whine in my room... that's what I used to tell the kids.

Anyway, I returned from my shuttle service this morning and I noticed that there were gifts under my tree. One of them is a very suspicious size-- very suspicious. There is another wrapped gift, too. I have no idea what it is! It might be empty for all I know, but now I'll have to avoid the tree because it's going to torture me for 20 days. It's torture!!

The 12 year old boy put up the tree again all by himself. He loves to decorate!

This is the sketch I have to turn into a real costume... I mean outfit for a resident of Who-ville in the next day or so. Tomorrow is the day I'm going to figure out how to use that brand new sewing machine I bought two years ago and have yet to use. I'd better get to bed so that I can get started early. My fifteen year old future fashion designer has to be ready for that dress rehearsal. I hope sewing is like riding a bike because it's been a while since I've done it.


Melissa said...

First of all, your 12 year old did a wonderful job decorating your tree, it's very pretty.

I really don't know much about the Cricut, I have heard about it, but I don't know what all it does. I'm afraid if I see it in action that I'll want one for sure!

I think using your sewing machine will all come back to you. I only use mine a few times a year and it always comes right back! Good luck on the outfit.

Nise on GW said...

Three Cheers for your son & his tree decorating talents! WOW!!
I'm sure the sewing project will be easier than the avoiding the tree and the presents project ;).

Flossie's Follies said...

Love your story, you will love the cricut, and they have just come out with a computer disc, not sure what that is all about but sounds like you should be able to cut from designs on your computer. Your tree is beautiful, your son did a fantastic job.

Kathy W said...

The tree looks wonderful! Your son did a great job. I know nothing about the Cricut and have ignored any info on other machines other than my Cuttlebug. I guess it is a good thing we don't have cable so that I am shielded from the visuals (I'm like you; that would send me over the edge). I like surprises, too. Who knows? Maybe there is a surprise that isn't yet under the tree. :)

stampincuzILuv2 said...

Jacki I loved the story! You are to funny, I hope it's your cricut in the box:) I also hope you like it. I got mine as a gift from my husband and he paid 286.00 for it, guess what I've used it twice! Your son did a wonderful job on the tree it looks fantastic!!
Enjoy the day!

Dawn said...

First of all Are you sure we are not related?? I too love surprises. Last year I asked for ugly uggs. Well, of course dh bought them wrapped them and stuck them next too my craft desk. Then as Christmas got closer I started to panic thinking he got me the really ugly ones from kmart...LOL

second, do you want me to go measure the cricut box so that you can compare the size...LOL I know you want to know but, don't really..I tottally understand that feeling. Your tree is soo pretty in that lovely window. God Bless you your blog is so great