Saturday, December 1, 2007

Keeping up With the Jones 7

Hey, don't feel sorry for me the next time I mention that I'm busy and overwhelmed. I do a lot of this to myself.
I've been printing for two days now. Why? Because I just can't go to the store and have moving announcements printed. And because sending out store bought cards when I make cards and have a room full of card making supplies is out of the question. Even with all that said, couldn't I have designed something fairly simple?? Noooooooooo, not me! My annual letter/Christmas card/ moving announcement is sucking my ink cartridge dry as we speak. I'm almost finished so it's too late to turn back now.
The first side of the double sided "work of art" contains my family update-- "Keeping up with the Jones 7". It could have been a simple letter for the printer, but it looked a little plain so I have to hand stamp a starburst in the top right corner on each of the 150 sheets.
The reverse side is what makes this a 'work of art'. It's a tent card. The first side (shown at the top of this post) is the Christmas card side and features a picture of our kids -taken this past Easter.

The middle section has three contact information blocks. --One for home and one for each of the girls in college. (Sorry about the red blocks. I'm not crazy about showing the very personal stuff online.)

The third side shows a little of the front of our house.
I'm planning to stamp on the envelopes too, but I may come to my senses or this thing won't be mailed until June! Well, I have to head out for more ink. Have a blessed evening...
The letter side is done with Microsoft publisher. The tent card side is done on Digital Image Pro.


Flossie's Follies said...

This card is fatastic, what a beautiful family you have.

Jillana said...

what up mommy! i like how u blurred things out, except i could still read some of it, maybe cause i already knew what it said, u'll have to teach me about more of this blogging stuff when i come home :)

ReneeK said...

Hi Jacki!

Love your card! You have such a beautiful family. I've so enjoyed seeing pictures of them on your blog. I think they're worth all that ink!

Dawn Bibbs said...

WOW, your card looks great! But did I read that send out 150 Christmas cards/letters? And here I thought WE sent out a bunch. (well, it's a bunch to us, lol)

Anyway, it does look great. I just finished designing mine tonight. Ok, not totally...because I've narrowed it down to 3 different designs that I like. I know me, I'll probably do all three!