Monday, December 31, 2007

It's a New Year!

Before I get started with 2008, let me show you a couple of things I've made in years past. Both were made with iron on transfers and painted with fabric paint and acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. The first is a banner that I made in 1998 and it still hangs in our house every year. The second is a sweatshirt I painted for my daughter who is now 15. I think she was 4 when I painted this. I photographed it for my album, because I think it's time to give it to a young relative. I'm purging....
I'm actually looking forward to 2008. 2007 was a tough year for me. There were lots of changes and confusion and heartaches. There were also lots of triumphs and joy too. I met many new friends here in blog land and in my new town. I miss my friends back in MI but I'm happy that I don't have to deal with the cold and snow right about now. It will be 2008 in just a few minutes so I'm sharing my goals and resolutions for 2008.

Last year one of my resolutions was to actually send out the cards I make. Even with all that we had going on I still made a big improvement over the previous year. I didn't always get them out on time, but, I mailed them.
This year I'm going to resolve to:
  1. Stamp more and computer less. As much as I love to make cards, I blog, blog surf, and talk about stamping online more than I stamp. I'm going to try to change that. I'm working on discipline and time management in every aspect of my life. I find that this is a constant struggle for me, and every year at New Years I have a new resolve.

  2. Downsize supplies to a workable and manageable amount. I am going to make tough decisions and really clear out my room of all the stuff I probably won't ever use. I have been slowly working on three boxes of things I'm planning to gift to others. I AM going to fill those boxes and send them in January!

  3. Send Family Birthday cards on time: I know this is going to need more than a resolve. I need a plan. If you are one of those super organized people who actually sends birthday cards so that they are received on or before the day, please, give me a clue.

  4. Start selling my cards again: But, first I have to organize them...

  5. Spend more time crafting with my kids: All my kids are artistic in a way,bit two of them like to draw and paper craft like I do. They really enjoyed making cards on World Card Making Day and they made these for us for Christmas. Our first planned event is a coloring class (like I teach at Michaels) in the Card Castle just for the two of them. I'll have to figure out a way to interest Gameboy too. I just may have to teach him some computer graphics...or knowing him, he'll have me playing the Wii before we convert him.

  6. Clean off my desk at the end of each crafting session (or at least once a week). This is going to be the hardest of all for me. I tend to get several ideas at once and pull out lots of stuff, make a few cards and then I run out of time or energy to put it all away. Most of the time my craft time is in undefined short sessions sessions between laundry and dinner and homework etc... I'm also willing to take suggestions and ideas on this.

  7. Give away more. I have finished projects laying around taking up space. I'm going to photograph them and give them away.

  8. Use what I have. I want to make a point to use brand new stamps and papers and embellishments I haven't used yet.

  9. Start early and plan ahead. I'm always making gifts at the last minute or not making them at all because the event is over.
  10. I want to get that Rubber Stamp line going(finally). My daughter and I have some drawings that we've been working on. I really want to do my research and get the business up and going, or get them ready to be marketed by someone else-- this year.

This list makes me tired! But I'm really determined to accomplish this with God's help. There's more personal stuff that I need to work out too. I'm saving all that for my paper journal ;).

I hope your New Year is blessed and if there is anything I can do to help you with your goals for 2008 let me know!


Sharon in NE said...

Loved the banner and much talent.
Your goals for 2008 sound great especially the Rubber stamp line! I am definitely looking forward to seeing that!

Melissa said...

The banner is so pretty! Your goals sound really good Jacki, especially the rubber stamp designs. You and your family are so talented, it would be great to see what you come up with. Have a Happy New Year!

chelemom said...

Awesome projects!