Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MM Precision Paper Trimmer

Once upon a time I only owned one paper trimmer, but that was long ago and far away. I'm still in search of the perfect trimmer, but I found one that has a lot of positives and is vying for that first position. I really need to put trimmers in different categories based on usage. Of the rotary trimmers I have this is my favorite so far. One of these days I'll get one that cuts several pages at once.

I really meant to talk about this before Black Friday and all the coupons, but, there'll be more coupons....

This is the Making Memories Precision Paper Trimmer.

Here are the advertised features:

Professional quality
Sturdy construction
Non-slip exterior folded and unfolded
12" x 12" cutting surface
Self-sharpening blade
Lightweight for optimal portability
Cutting grid contains pre-measured templates for 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 8.5" x 11"
Marked in inches and centimeters with .5" cutting grid
Magnetic ruler for scoring and holding paper in place while cutting

Here's what I say:

Professional quality ( it's exactly like the Dahle trimmer I paid twice as much for with half the features)
Sturdy construction (very Sturdy)
Non-slip exterior folded and unfolded ( this is great!!! It grips the table, and works good on my lap too! I love that it folds too! )
12" x 12" cutting surface ( No extended arm. The whole paper fits on the surface)
Self-sharpening blade ( *****NO more blades to replace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Lightweight for optimal portability ( It's light enough, I like that it's sturdy)
Cutting grid contains pre-measured templates for 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 8.5" x 11" ( these are handy)
Marked in inches and centimeters with .5" cutting grid (What's a centimeter?? I don't do much with measurements. I eyeball everything.. LOL. But they are handy for when I'm writing directions)
Magnetic ruler for scoring and holding paper in place while cutting (This is wonderful! It's a STRONG magnet)

In my opinion for a rotary trimmer that straight cuts, this is it. There are no other blades sold for the MMPPT. I mentioned above, it's made just like the Dahle 507. The Dahle has interchangeable blades. I have a couple different waves and a perforater. Because it disassembles the same way, it looks like I'll be able to use the blades with this one, but I haven't tried it yet.

I forgot to talk about PRICE. MSRP is 49.99. I found it online for as little as $35 + shipping. Michaels has it now too, so, I used the beautiful 50% off coupon they sent me in the mail and purchased this for $25.00!!!

Speaking of Michaels, I'm headed there for a class tonight. I'm aching to stay home and just relax and make something. I've been missing peace and quite for at least 10 days now. It was good to have everyone home for the holidays, and I've been out for the last two days. Tomorrow will be my "catch up" day.

I'll be packing up the blog candy and CDs tomorrow. For the CD winners, most of you didn't leave the email address as requested, so send me your mailing address ASAP! Anybody else who commented, after the ten, send me your address too. Even if I don't hear from them, I'm still sending out 10 CDs.

Let me leave you with the beautiful sky pictures from this morning....

Trish had a link to this blog, Aged to Perfection, who has some phenomenal pictures of the sky on her page too. GOD is an awesome artist!


JenMarie said...

So glad you talked about the paper cutter! I'm thinking of finally getting something else since I just have the basic "can't cut straight for nothing" Fiskars.
And, gotta love 50% off coupons!!
What gorgeous pictures!

Linda said...

I also have the MM paper trimmer. It is wonderful. I have several other kinds of trimmers and this is just so much better than any of them.
Linda Peterson

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hmm, you went ahead and got the trimmer, huh? You sneaky little thing :-). I really want another trimmer. But I just don't have the heart (OR the money) to get another one. I'm not a fan of rotary trimmers. However, I'm willing to rethink that if you claim this one is "different" :-). Thanks for all the info and your personal commentary.

The photos are gorgeous! I saw similar skies on my side of town. God ROCKS!!! :-)

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've got the evil fiskars and am tired of it. I would LOVE to know if your other Dahle blades fit: mmmccart@sfu.ca

Thanks again, :0) Mel

Misplaced Texans said...

Thank you so much for telling us about the trimmer! I am constantly in search of a decent trimmer... fiskers had their chance and now I'm willing to move on! I'll have to check out our Michaels and see if they carry this one! Thanks again!!!

Inkerbelle's said...

I, too, have just added this trimmer to my already vast collection. It arrived yesterday and I've only quickly tried it out but so far, it seems to cut really straight, yahoo!!

Thomisia said...

I am in serious need of a good trimmer so thanks for the review. I'm so tired of wiggle cuts, lol.

Eleanor said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the paper cutter. You got a great deal on it!