Thursday, October 18, 2007

Milestone Birthdays

This 8.5 x 5.5 card was made by Loni. More from her later!

I have to make cards for my Grandma's 96th and my Aunt's 75, both of. The Birthdays are next week and I'm running out of time! Last week or so I asked for inspiration over at my second home, the Gingerwood Stamping Board. I got just the advice and inspiration I knew I would. My intention was to share with you their inspiration along with my finished cards, but, Loni sent me some beautiful pictures. I think this wisdom and insight along with Loni's photos ought to stand alone. I'm working on my cards so I'll come back this weekend with the finished product.

Here are the messages left for me there.

1. Elderly family members I've made cards for love seeing a favorite "young" photo of themselves incorporated on the front of the card -- It's how they remember themselves, and how they still feel inside... Susan T
What a great idea!! I have just the photo!!!

2. For my sister's 55th birthday, I "made up" a card. On the front, it said "I searched the stores near and far for just the perfect card for your birthday . . . " On the inside was an altered AARP card with her name on it that I copied and laminated. It was the hit of the party. Not quite right for your cards, but thought it might make you smile and think outside the box. P.S. I check your blog often and I am sure whatever you make will be beautiful. Greta NY

This is funny!!! I wished I had asked before my sister's 50th parties this year and last. That would have been hilarious for them.

3. Well, Jacki dear, so far I've been getting most of my inspiration from this board, including you. But when I have a special birthday I make it BIG. For my dad's 85th I made a 5.5" x 8.5" card, placed 5" numbers (8 and 5, of course), on the inside and cut a window so they would show through. I'd be glad to email you a photo. For my girlfriend's retirement/birthday I made an accordion card with 16 "scenes." It was a lot of work (like making 16 cards but color-coordinated and with a theme) and you don't have time, but everyone who saw it was complimentary. I can email those photos also.
You'll make something wonderful! Loni

My goodness, look at what she sent me!

All I can say is who wouldn't be inspired after all that great advice and the fabulous pictures!! I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday with my cards!

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