Friday, June 8, 2007

Staci Made

Staci sent this card to Jillana for her graduation. It makes me want to go dig out that stamp and duplicate it. The only problem is I only have the large stamp. I should have gotten the Riveting Hostess set when I had a chance?

Another thing. Remember what I did with that spiral punch the other day? I was really busy and intended to link you to all the fabulous things Staci did with the spiral punch. The work she did before the punch became available to the general public(like me) was so inspiring that I had to buy it right away. Anyway, she sent me a link to her cards in her Splitcoast gallery. She did that border thing on this card. By the way, the work HI is also spelled out with the spiral punch. Here is another thing she did with the ribbon. and here is another one.


Staci M. said...

Hey, you didn't have to put this on here with the spiral punch links, but thanks for doing it, anyway. The medallion thing is the "Riveting" hostess set. I really have used that one a lot this year and it's the first one I earned. All of YOUR cards are quite lovely! I haven't made anything that nice lately (if ever) :)

Joyfulheartart said...

Your work always inspires me. Thanks for saving me a minute. I meant to go and look up that "Medallion thing". I knew I should have gotten it when I had a chance.