Thursday, May 3, 2007

This Little Piggy's going to GA!

to find a new house!

I was inspired when I found a pack of Xyron Luggage tags in the bottom of the kitchen desk drawer. I thought about how I've had to remake my luggage tags every couple years... lately anyway. So I decided that my craft tote needed a cute tag that won't change with my address or phone number. One thing I learned a few moves ago is to keep the email address with Yahoo or Hotmail so at least that doesn't change. Instead of address and phone number this tag only has my email and blog address as contact information... and my name of course.

I used a favorite paper of mine. (Provo Craft) and a new favorite stamp, The Pig currently known as the Artist. (Hambo Stamps). The ribbon was a rak from Trish (I love it, thanks again)Of course I colored her with Prismacolor pencils. I always travel with my color pencils and images to color. This time that's all I'm going to take. I don't anticipate having very much free time, but at least I'll have something to do on the plane and in the airport.

Now, if only my new craft tote arrives in time, she will get to piggy back on it with me in "sty"- le on the plane.
Just had a thought... I'll have to ask this pig's artist if this is a girl pig or a boy pig....

OK, I am up way past my bedtime, so forgive all the silliness.
Have a blessed Thursday!


marciad said...

Luggage.tote tags are a great idea. Thanks for the tips about the info to use on them. I like the ipod card.

Staci M. said...

OH, that gives me a good idea.

Yeah, bet you know the phone # to the people who print return address labels by heart, too! I use "Colorful Images" and I am pretty much a frequent buyer of new return addy labels!