Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Blessings contest...

Edited to add updated prize information (more prizes) and email information.
and Before you leave check out the post with the cards I made from these pictures.

In the previous post (Easter Blessings), I asked if you could figure out which little girl is me. If you think you know, or want to take a guess, email me your guess to
ETA:Please put blog contest or something similar in the subject line. I had to retreive a couple emails from the spam folder.

Don't leave a comment with your guess. I don't want the entries to be influenced by the each other.
Your guess should look like this:

Picture 1 girl ?
Picture 2 girl ?

What will you win? A coupon for a free ream of Georgia Pacific cardstock or paper. Even if you don't use it to make cards as I do, you can use it in your printer. If you don't have a place near you (I buy mine at Walmart) to redeem the coupon, an alternate prize of equal value will be provided. I will also send a few other embellishments (ribbons and buttons and flowers)

ETA: I'll add a picture on Monday or Tuesday

How will I determine the winner? I'll randomly chose two winners from the correct entries.
Edited: Several people have found me in both pictures( yeah!!)
I am going to add another prize because a lot of you are finding me in one picture and not the other. So the third prize will go to a randomly chosen entry among those who at least find me in one of the pictures.

When will I pick the winner? Since it's Saturday and tomorrow is Easter, I'll give you until Tuesday night at 10:00 pm eastern time. I will announce the winner on Wednesday morning.

My family is not eligible to enter, but email me anyway. I miss you.
Picture 1

Picture 2

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Sent you an email! Thanks for the fun contest!!