Monday, April 2, 2007

The Divine Intervention

Monday Morning -- The Divine Intervention
We got the kids off to school as planned, but that was the only thing that went according to plan that day. Just before the boys left, the hospital called. The doctor’s first procedure was finished sooner than expected, so they wanted me to come in right away. I explained that I still had to get my boys on the bus, so I would get there as soon as I could. Before I would let her hang up, I asked if she had access to my records. She responded that she did. I asked if there was a pregnancy test done on Tuesday. No pregnancy test was done, but she assured me that they would do one when I got there.
We arrived at the hospital and were directed to the surgery waiting room. The hospital worker called for me and took me to a holding area for surgery. She weighed me and sent me into the bathroom with a cup. She must have still been asleep because when I came out of the bathroom, she said, “Ok let’s get your weight!” I said, “Again?” She said, “Oh, did I already weigh you? What was it?” I knew then that I was going to have to make sure the test was done. She took me to my curtained off area and told me what to do with my clothes. I got undressed, and then I just laid there and prayed. The Anesthesiologist came in to explain to me what he was going to do. A few minutes later the RN came in to hook up my I.V. I asked her about the test, she said,” Oh yes, I did it, it was negative.” Feeling a sense of relief and an overwhelming need to tell her, I mentioned the positive test result I had the night before. She left me and came back seconds later with the test in hand. “Oh it’s positive, definitely positive. I left it sitting there, but I usually throw them away as soon as I look at it.” She called my doctor, and he laughed. She told him that I wasn’t laughing. I was really afraid at this point. Honestly, I felt afraid and stupid. The nurse mentioned that the doctor was on his way to see me. I asked her to get Michael from the waiting room. Before she left, she turned to me and said,” I’ll let you tell him”. Michael got there just before the doctor came to talk to me. Dr. James said that he had really been praying this morning for me, and he’d been thinking about this surgery all weekend. He kept reminding himself to bring his Gospel music to listen to during the surgery. During the pre-surgery appointment, one of the many questions I had for him was “Do you listen to music during surgery?” Although I would be asleep I know that my body, my ears, and my brain would know what kind of atmosphere I was in. It was the first time anyone ever asked him that question.
He told me he needed to see me in his office the following week and wrote me a prescription for prenatal vitamins

That’s my story of how I went to the hospital for a hysterectomy and left with a prescription for prenatal vitamins.

Does it sound like a Divine intervention to you? I believe that God intervened and rescued this growing life inside of me. If I hadn’t done the test the night before and if I hadn’t felt the need to mention it to the RN, it just might have been missed.

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, so I'll update you on the baby's progress then.

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