Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the Winners are....

I'm still on bed rest, but I wanted to use my few minutes up to update you on the contest.

First of all, let me tell you which little girl I am in the photos....

I am Number 1 in this photo (Photo 1).
I am the third of 5 girls. There is a 5 1/2 year gap between the first two and the younger three. See the two big girls are on the ends and the three littler ones in the center? So in Photo number 2, I am girl 2.

24 people guessed
7 people found me in both of the photos.
13 people found me in at least one photo.

I had to do all this from the bed, so I didn't use a random number chooser. I used leftover square punches from making window cards ( I knew if I saved them I would use them someday)
I had my daughter draw two squares from the 7 who were correct on both photos...

The winners are:
Rita Bracy
Hi Jackie,
I just found your blog. I've put you in my favorites to make it easier to visit every day. I love looking at your pictures. My guess for the contest is Photo 1-Girl 1 and Photo2-Girl2....
Thanks, Rita aka l8ybug2


Cheryl KVD
Picture #1: 1
Picture #2: 2
Thanks! Cheryl KVD

Then we did a second drawing from the 13 who found me in at least one photo.

And the winner of the second prize is
Elaine Phillips
Hello and Happy Easter!
I wanted to enter your blog candy contest and say thank you! :)Picture one - girl 1 (on the left)Picture two - girl 5 (on the right)You are adorable!! I am usually pretty good at these games, but I think your pictures are really easy to spot! Let's hope I'm right! :)
Best regards,

My "out of the bed" time is over for today, I will get the prizes in the mail as soon as possible.


Sharon in NE said...

I loved those pictures and the cards you made with them.

Poor thing, you're on bedrest. I had 6 months of bedrest for both my babies, so I can sympathize with you. (Left side is best to keep the contractions down.) My babies are now 15 and 19, so that side has stopped aching by now ; ) Take care. I'll be praying!

L8ybug2 said...

Bless your heart, getting out of bed just to post the winners. I hope you're feeling better and things are going well....Do you need me to send you my address? You can email me at for the oppertunity to participate in your blog candy giveaway...Rita

Allison said...

I hope you are in good spirits today...just relax and try and take it easy!

dd2njoy said...

Hope you'll be feeling well soon!!
No fun being in bed when you're under the weather.Hugs to You!!