Friday, March 9, 2007

It's all about the shoes

I made a card last night! This is the first card I've made with my new Stamping Bella images. I think I hinted about waiting for some new fun stamps last week. Anyway, there were so many to choose from and of course it's hard not to like them all. I choose the ones that remind me of my three girls. This is imeldabella and she reminds me of my 9th grader.
This girl is very artistic ( like me) and fashionable ( sooo not like me). If her career aspirations stay on track, she will become a Famous Shoe designer! I should have known she would be like this when at 2 she was picky about which shoes she wore with which outfit. She would say," Not those mommy, these." As the third girl, she got stuck with a lot of hand -me- downs so I'd let her pick out new accessories so that she could have something new. OH no! Maybe I created this monster.
Last night I took my stamping bellas with me to basketball practice. I managed to color two and a half during the practice. She peeked into my office, just as I started to make a card from one of them. When she saw the images I colored in the gym's poor lighting she said, "I would never buy red boots". " This can't be me-- the hair is too dark". " Now if you color the belt pink and the shoes pink and brown and the hair my shade of brown, this one is me". I did what she said, which totally changed the paper I was going to use. I'll have to give her credit for helping to create this card. I should have consulted my "stylist" first, cause now I'll have to find someone who likes red boots!
This is a 5 x 7 card. The Blue Dots (Sky Dot)and Brown Dots( Chocolate Gallery Dot) are from Chatterbox. The striped papers are from Ki Memories Posh collection. I mentioned before that this is imeldabella from I colored her with Prismacolor pencils and a colorless blender pencil. I found that ribbon as I wandered around Walmart's sewing section.
About Walmart's ribbon, I found some gorgeous Royal Blue velvet ribbon there a couple weeks ago.(I think I mentioned it in an earlier post) I was attempting to step out of my box and create something bright with primary colors.... It was just too stressful. I don't have anything here that would go with that ribbon (--no paper no ink-- nothing??), so I gave the ribbon away. For now, I'm going to stay in my box. I will try something one of these days with my olive velvet ribbon. I know what you're thinking, "What?? You didn't buy purple??? The only reason I didn't buy purple, is because they didn't have purple. ;)
Have a blessed day!!!


Allison said...

This is absolutely the color treatments and all the patterns here!

Trish D said...

Noooooooo!! Another stamper falls victim to the bella craze :)

Seriously, though, super cute card! I hadn't seen this particular image yet, but it is super cute. Kudos to your stylist on the colors!